A Coffee Love Story & 14% off Madeline Burdine Jewelry until Valentine’s Day

Written by Cafe Campesino on Feb 1, 2012 in BLOG, Cafe Campesino, Cafe Campesino at Sweet Auburn |

Hand-made heart using bone from White Oak Pastures.

Madeline Burdine loves Café Campesino.  And we love Madeline Burdine.  She’s not only one of the best jewelry makers in Atlanta (and potentially the world), she also met her fiancé in our sweet little Sweet Auburn coffeeshop.

The two of them consummated their love (for us) when they made the scenic rural drive southward to visit our roastery and our fair town (Americus) a few months ago.  We raise our mugs to Madeline Burdine and her fiancée, Bob Smiles (think Field of Greens) and to finding true love in a coffee shop.

Madeline & Bob on their Americus visit- at Bill Harris' blueberry farm!

AND, we extend to all-a-y’all Madeline’s discount on her exceptional “grass-fed,” earth-inspired, hand-made jewelry that incorporates recycled silver, reclaimed copper, and bones from South Georgia’s own White Oak Pasture cows. Visit her Esty shop and get a 14% discount until Feb. 15th.  Use coupon code: CAFECAMPESINO at check out.

White Oak Leaf

Little Brown Bird

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