Fair Trade Wire puts the concept of “Fair Trade” into context, working to explain what being a Fair Trade coffee company means.  We will report to you from coffee farms, roasting facilities, coffee houses and all places in between.  Our posts will be honest, heart-felt, and whenever possible-  Fun!

Look for our “Posts from the field” to learn what’s happening abroad with our coffee trading partners, for whom the principles of Fair Trade (see below) are the most important.  Our “Blog” additions will come from one of our two roasters or one of our two Georgia-based coffee houses- baristas & customers included. 

Finally, archives of Cafe Campesino’s Fair Grounds newsletter from 2002 on are also available on Fair Trade Wire.  So, look for some of Bill and Tripp’s early trip reports,  information on our coffee producing partners,  updates on what’s happening in our local communities and a little bit of everything else.

Thanks for visiting.  We hope you stay a while, learn, post your comments and come back!!!

Fair Trade Principles as outlined by the Fair Trade Federation:

-Creating Opportunities for Economically and Socially Marginalized Producers

-Developing Transparent and Accountable Relationships

-Building Capacity

-Promoting Fair Trade

-Paying Promptly and Fairly

-Supporting Safe and Empowering Working Conditions

-Ensuring the Rights of Children

-Cultivating Environmental Stewardship

-Respecting Cultural Identity

Learn more about the Fair Trade Federation.

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