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Written by Cafe Campesino on Feb 1, 2006 in Article, NEWSLETTER |

Bill and Tripp with their Senator George Hooks at Georgia Sustainable Business Day event.

On Wednesday, January 25th, Bill and Tripp set up shop in the Georgia State Capitol building to serve up Café Campesino and participate in Georgia’s annual Sustainable Business Day, hosted by Senator Jeff Mullis, Representative Pat Gardner, Georgia’s Department of Economic Development, and Sustainable Business Partners, a resource center for sustainable businesses.

This special event saluted innovative Georgia businesses like Café Campesino that are not only contributing to the state’s economic growth, but are also reducing waste and improving air and water quality for all Georgians. With great flourish (as befits an occasion of this kind) Representative Pat Gardner, member of the Committee on Natural Resources and Environment, and Senator Jeff Mullis, Chair of the Senate Economic Development Committee, introduced a resolution commending the selected Georgia companies for their “outstanding citizenship and for creating innovative solutions and business models.”

Rep. Gardner commented: “As more people move to Georgia, greater demands are placed on our natural resources. I am introducing this resolution to make the point that it is time for our state’s leadership to encourage innovation that accommodates the need for both economic development and environmental protection.” Polly Sattler, President of Sustainable Business Partners added, “These businesses are models of innovation, environmental responsibility and good business operations. They turn problems into profit.”

At Café Campesino, we’re brimming with pride to be a part of Georgia’s sustainable future.

Source: Sustainable Business Partners. For more information contact Polly Sattler at 404-872-2872.

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