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Written by Cafe Campesino on Sep 1, 2007 in Article, NEWSLETTER |

Café Campesino is a proud supporter of the Georgia River Network (GRN) and its tireless work on behalf of our state’s truly beautiful, extraordinary waterways. We recently asked Dana Skelton, GRN’s Director of Administration & Outreach, to write a short piece about our collaboration… here is what she had to say:

(GRN) began partnering with Café Campesino in June of 2005 to provide coffee for GRN’s annual Paddle Georgia event – an educational, 110+ mile journey, that has involved over 900 people in the adventure of traveling down a different Georgia River each summer. Participants see both the beauty and the degradation of the state’s rivers and are educated on a variety of practices and land uses that affect these local waterways – from home and lawn maintenance, development, industries, forestry and agriculture.

Café Campesino’s beans are grown using organic farming techniques which allow small farm communities to meet demands for quality coffee while treading lightly on the land and water resources. Companies like Café Campesino make the coffee available to the public while educating consumers about how their choices affect the world around them. The partnership between GRN and Café Campesino lets people connect with local rivers as well as help protect rivers across the globe.

This year, we celebrate our third year of partnership with GRN by offering the GA River Network Special Blend – a robust blend of our Guatemalan, Sumatran, and Nicaragua coffees. Café Campesino will contribute 10% of retail sales of the GA River Network Special Blend to the GRN to help them achieve their most worthy goals, which are:

  1. To increase the number of people involved in the protection and management of Georgia’s waters.
  2. To improve awareness of the issues that threaten the health of our waters. Establish infrastructure for the exchange of resources among parties working to improve the protection of Georgia’s waters.
  3. To provide necessary means to advocate for the physical, chemical, and biological integrity of our waters.

To learn more about the Georgia River Network, how you can get involved, and, to purchase your beans, visit the GRN website and click “Buy Coffee, Support Rivers” on the home page.

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