Article: Celebrating World Fair Trade Day

Written by Cafe Campesino on May 1, 2007 in Article, NEWSLETTER |
This year, on and around May 12th, 2007, Fair Trade supporters worldwide will celebrate the many ways that Fair Trade creates economic opportunity and development for people and communities most disadvantaged by conventional trade. Check out these ten ideas for celebrating World Fair Trade Day:

1. Educate yourself and your community. Read up on Fair Trade at on the Café Campesino website and the website for the Fair Trade Federation. Make your own posters or leaflets and help spread the message!

2. Buy Fair Trade Products. Be informed when buying products. Fair Trade products help disadvantaged artisans and farmers lift themselves out of poverty. Fair Trade only works if empowered consumers buy Fair Trade products!

3. Take Part in World Fair Trade Day Events. The Fair Trade concept/movement will be celebrated worldwide throughout May. Attend an event to learn more about Fair Trade and how you can actively contribute to the Fair Trade movement. There are World Fair Trade events happening throughout the country, or check out Community Caravan for events that Café Campesino is either taking part in or hosting.

4. Hold Your Own Fair Trade Day Event. Sponsor your own event at a local library, conduct a “teach in” at an educational institution or promote Fair Trade at a business event.

5. Make plans to host (at some future date) a Fair Trade Fair featuring fairly traded handcrafts, coffee, tea and chocolate from around the world. Every sale benefits the artisans and farmers who made the items—and your parish and community members get high-quality products.

6. Host a Fair Trade coffee hour/coffee break at your church or office. Brew up a pot of Café Campesino coffee and share information about Fair Trade with your friends and colleagues.

7. Start a Fair Trade Buying Club so members can purchase Fair Trade coffee, tea and cocoa to use in their homes and offices.

8. Write a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper about the benefits of Fair Trade.

9. Organize your campus, community, local schools, and faith-based groups with the Fair Trade Action Pack (PDF) from Global Exchange. Advocate for Fair Trade in campus dining halls, businesses, companies, faith-based groups, workplaces, and more. Ask your local grocery stores and cafés to carry Café Campesino coffee!

10. Stock up on Fair Trade gifts for upcoming special occasions—weddings, confirmations, baptisms, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

For more Fair Trade resources, check out the Fair Trade Resource Network’s website.

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