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Written by Cafe Campesino on Oct 8, 2010 in Article, NEWSLETTER |


Welcome back to another episode of Roasting with Rusty. I’m only a few weeks removed from Cooperative Coffee’s AGM (annual general meeting) and, to say the least, it was fantastic! But before we get into that story, may I assure you that during my absence, your coffee was roasted and prepared, with the greatest of skill, by a couple of the greatest production folks a guy like me could have. The crew up front did a wonderful job, as well…answering your phone calls, fixing your drinks and just generally doing whatever they could to make you happy. I honestly don’t know how they made it a week without me. (note from the “wonderful people” Rusty speaks of: “We had a great week as well!”)

Getting back on track, the AGM was incredible! Twenty-three great roasteries and all of their amazing people coming together, with one amazing and unified mission, is a pretty special thing to witness. These are people who are giving up personal gain for the needs and benefits of others. I know this sounds like an old concept but it’s not one I’m used to seeing performed so genuinely and by so many together. It makes me very proud to be a part of Café Campesino, Cooperative Coffees and the real movement and meaning of fair trade. To go into the specific details would require more time and space than I have. However, you can be confident knowing that the coffee you drink, from Café Campesino, was not only roasted the right way, but grown, harvested, bought and sold the right way. That whole “crop to cup” thing is definitely not just talk.

From the roasters to the producers and the wonderful state of Wisconsin, the whole experience was a great one (getting to drink a bunch of delicious coffee wasn’t so bad either!). So, thank you all, for helping the cause. Your continued support has helped better the lives of people we’ll never know, in ways we’ll never know. And I raise my cup of coffee…Here’s to a better world!

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