Article: Staff Notes: A Fond Farewell to Daniel

Written by Cafe Campesino on Oct 1, 2002 in Article, NEWSLETTER |

To say that we are going to miss him is one huge understatement. After two years in Americus, Daniel is leaving our little coffee company. Many of you know Daniel — or have at least had the opportunity to “meet” him over the telephone. If so, you’ve undoubtedly experienced his enthusiasm for fair trade, environmental issues and for Café Campesino. Many of our customers have stated that his passion for and commitment to the ideals of fair trade have inspired them to look beyond the beans and into the underlying issues present in their cup of coffee. When Daniel arrived two years ago, this company was struggling with fundamental growth and mission issues. We were the classic rudderless ship — but afloat with full sails. Daniel lead us through two exciting years of continued rapid growth, change, refinement, frustration and success on many fronts. Along the way he built a loyal wholesale customer base and made sure that we quickly and accurately shipped thousands of retail orders. And he did all of this while making sure that — first and foremost — we always led waving the fair trade banner.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Café Campesino is the quality of our customer base. It is always fun to answer the phone here, knowing that one of the delightful, interesting supporters of our work will probably be on the other end of the call. Daniel has developed many friendships with our customers and fellow fair traders, and we hope that you all will stay in touch. His email,, will continue to function for the foreseeable future. We wish him well — knowing that he will be wildly successful in his future endeavors.

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