Article: Staff Notes: Goodbye Sam, Hello Tripp

Written by Cafe Campesino on Jun 1, 2004 in Article, NEWSLETTER |

After a year with us, Samantha has decided to make a major life change–at the end of June she will be moving from the sunny south to the frigid north! Well, not exactly the frigid north, but we’re told Boston gets pretty cold, and that’s where she’s going!

“I’m going to miss Americus,” she said, “but I’m really looking forward to this move. I’ve been here for seven years and I’m ready to be back in a big city. I’m definitely excited but I’m also a bit nervous.”

Samantha will be looking for a position with a company that is involved in social progress and humanitarian ventures, much like Café Campesino. And, of course, she’s already planning to be at Boston’s famous fireworks on the Fourth of July!

We’ll certainly miss Samantha’s enthusiasm, wit and interesting choices of office music, but don’t worry that her absence will affect the running of Café Campesino. Lee and Bill’s longtime friend Tripp Pomeroy, whom they met while he was volunteering with Habitat in 1989-1990, has joined the Café Campesino team as a partner and general manager/director of business development.

He and his family recently moved to Americus, and in his short time with us, he’s already proven his immense value to the team, with his friendly demeanor and ability to put anyone at ease. In addition, he is thrilled that he can now commute to work by foot! We’re very excited to have him with us to help lead our team as we continue to grow. Check out a more detailed bio at the end of his article, located above.

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