Article: Top 10 Ways to Support Fair Trade

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On Saturday, May 14th, supporters of Fair Trade celebrated World Trade Day, “an annual opportunity to promote Fair Trade as a way to improve lives, participate in the worldwide Fair Trade movement, and make positive connections to other countries,” as articulated by the Fair Trade Resource Network (FTRN). The FTRN, this month’s featured Fair Trade Partner in Fair Grounds, has published a list of ten things that we all can do to support Fair Trade. We encourage everyone to use this list and take action so that every day is Fair Trade Day!

  1. Buy Fair Trade items online. Every purchase improves the life of a producer family in Asia, Africa, Latin America or another developing region. Check out for Fair Trade online catalogs. Fair Trade products make great gifts for your friends and relatives! Find a store near you that stocks Fair Trade products, or pick up a catalog. The Fair Trade Federation website has lists of both.
  2. Decorate your home or residence hall with unique items that show your solidarity with the world’s workers.
  3. Need a gift? Think Fair Trade first! Friends and family will be proud of your commitment to social justice — and they’ll love the quality, style and uniqueness of Fair Trade products.
  4. Educate yourself. Visit the Fair Trade Resource Network website – and purchase a copy of “The Conscious Consumer: Promoting Economic Justice Through Fair Trade” — it only costs $2.95 plus shipping and handling. Better yet, buy an extra copy for a friend, professor or leader of your faith community.
  5. Exercise your power as a consumer. Take the Fair Trade Challenge and shift 5% of your budget to Fair Trade items. Ask your favorite local retailer or restaurant to stock Fair Trade items. Talk to the store manager, or use postcards available from the FTRN. For many shops, stocking or serving Fair Trade coffee or chocolate is the easiest place to start.
  6. Write an article. Need a great story idea for your university or local newspaper? The Fair Trade Resource Network can provide you with quotes, background material and access to credible experts on Fair Trade.
  7. Submit letters to editors. Newspapers on campus and in your hometown will publish most well-written letters that take a stand. Call the FTRN at 202.234.6797 for background information.
  8. Consider forming a Fair Trade committee as part of your student activist group or place of worship. The FTRN can provide you with information on why Fair Trade works as part of the solution to worker exploitation and poverty. For more ideas on organizing, check out
  9. Gather a few friends to help you host a Fair Trade consignment sale. It’s an ideal project for a social justice committee! For more information, contact FTRN at
  10. Research Fair Trade Online. Visit for accurate information, more links, action items and stories of how Fair Trade is making a difference!

Reprinted with permission of the Fair Trade Resource Network:

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