Back from Guatemala- Chajul Cooperative in Photos

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Bill, Tina, Tripp and I have freshly returned from Guatemala this week.   We spent seven days traveling throughout the country visiting coffee producing cooperatives and – for Tina and I- learning about the exportation process of coffee.  Below are some beautiful pictures that Tina took during our visit to the Associacion Chajulense that is located in the Quiche department of Guatemala.  Look for more photos and blog posts to come.

Coffee Processing Facility in Chajul.

Some remaining coffee cherries on Don Pedro's land.

Pedro Pocheko Bop is an "associo" or member of the Associacion Chajulense. Don Pedro farms coffee on land he inherited from his father in the Chel community north of Chajul.

Some Cooperative Coffees Board Members with Bill and Miguel Tzoy.

(L-R) Bill Harris of Cooperative Coffees, Lee Wallace of Peace Coffee, Miguel Tzoy of Associacion Chajulense, Tio Pistilli of Bongo Java, Mike Mays of Heine Bros. and Tripp Pomeroy of Cafe Campesino. Lee, Tio, Mike and Tripp all serve on the board of Cooperative Coffees.


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