Beat the Heat: Cold Brew!!

Written by nema on Jun 28, 2011 in BLOG, Cafe Campesino |

A strong iced coffee is easy to make at home.

In the dead of summer when all you want to do is hibernate, an icy cold brew is a good way to stay cool and caffeinated.


1) What is a cold brew?

2) Can I make it from  home?

1) A brewing process that makes a great iced coffee.

2) Yes!

See our recipe below and learn how.





4 oz of coarsely ground dark roast coffee
Water (filtered where necessary)
2 pitchers
1 strainer
1 wooden or serving spoon
a little time (8-12 hours)



  • Combine 4 oz. of coarsely ground coffee with 64 fluid oz of water (1/2 gallon)
  • Stir with a large spoon
  • Cover and let sit at room temperature overnight, or for about 8-12 hours



  • Pour coffee into a serving container over a strainer or a fine mesh sieveto separate coffee grinds from liquid
  • Pour over ice and serve!

Note: Once the coffee has had a chance to brew for 8 hours, it can be stored in the refrigerator to be kept cold.  Above portions can also be increased as needed-  8 oz. of coffee : 1 gallon of water, etc.  The above recipe will serve 7-8 small glasses of iced coffee.

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