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Written by nema on Oct 27, 2010 in BLOG, Cafe Campesino |

With the recent launch of Fair Trade Wire, we at Cafe Campesino are spending time reading other blogs out there.  We will soon add a blog-roll to this page, but quickly, we want to share a couple of blogs we’ve recently discovered and love! 

Beautiful, well-written, insightful information on all things coffee and Fair Trade coffee-related:
Michael Sheridan’s Coffeelands blog

Hilarious, fun, always on-point and highly informational, Pecanne Log looks at Atlanta (and Georgia) in a fresh and exciting way.   Christa’s posts are quickly turning her into an Atlanta-focused pop-culture historian.  And  Cafe Campesino made the cut in her May 2010 “Rural Explorer”! 

 Why buy Fair Trade?  What’s going on with the movement? What are great gift items?  Learn everything you need to know from Jackie DeCarlo’ s Fair Trade Beginners and More blog

Our Green Atlanta profiled Cafe Campesino at Sweet Auburn when it first opened last year.  The blog is an excellent resource for learning what’s going on in Atlanta’s “green scene” and beyond.  Favorite recent post?  White Oak Pastures!  (we are big fans of Will Harris & crew)

A Cafe Campesino friend and loyal customer in Albany,  Georgia, is celebrating Fair Trade month, and mentioned us in her recent blog post!  Thanks, Janice!  Check out Love your Locals Georgia to read what she has to say.

We’re still exploring and learning, so there’s no doubt more to come!!!

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Jenny Pittam
Oct 31, 2010 at 10:37 am

I love Cafe Campesino and am glad to hear that you like Will Harris as well! Keep up the good work!


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