Position Open: Coffeehouse Manager – Americus

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Cafe Campesino CoffeehouseWe are looking for a great leader for our Americus coffeehouse team.
Learn more about this open position below. Qualified candidates should
apply by January 23, 2017.


Position: Coffeehouse Manager
Type: Full-Time
Compensation: Salary + Benefits
Job Location: Americus, Georgia

Job Description
Cafe Campesino is a group of coffee-loving professionals who believe they can make small steps to improve the world through ethical, meaningful trade relationships. A fair trade, organic coffee company that was founded in 1998 in Americus, Georgia, Cafe Campesino only sources coffee from farmer-owned cooperatives. This ensures small-scale farmers, who are often marginalized in their own countries, have a major role in the international sales and export of their coffees. These long-term, direct trade relationships- some of which have lasted more than 10 years – allow Cafe Campesino to partner with coffee farmers, connect consumers to producers, and encourage conscious consumption around the world.

The retail coffee house experience plays an integral part in Cafe Campesino’s mission. It is the “last-stop” in the supply chain for these intentionally sourced coffees, and it is often the “first-stop” for consumers to understand and engage in a fair-trade supply chain. Coffee drinks must be delicious, and the customer’s experience must be exceptional.

Inspiring and guiding staff, while cultivating and protecting a safe, engaging atmosphere for all customers will be tantamount to this position.

A successful Coffeehouse Manager will:

  • Maintain, inspire and guide a dynamic staff of baristas, including:

    • Offering feedback & constructive criticism where necessary
    • Identifying educational & career-building opportunities for staff
    • Developing shift schedules that create win-wins for employees and the cafe
    • Ensuring staff prepares quality espresso and coffee beverages
    • Ensuring equipment and tools are functioning, up-to-date, and easily accessible for staff
  • Offer an Exceptional Experience for Customers, including

    • Ensuring each customer is greeted with a smile and has his/her needs met
    • Serving well prepared, high quality beverages and food
    • Encouraging personalized experiences and conversations wherever appropriate
    • Ensuring the facility is safe, clean and inviting, meeting food and health safety codes
    • Addressing customer service issues in a prompt manner with kindness and sincerity
    • Answering coffee-related questions including sourcing or flavor profile questions
    • Facilitating special events on-site that help consumers better connect with CC’s mission
    • Keeping Menu Items & Prices in-line with local market capacity
    • Ensuring overall shop atmosphere reflects company mission and values
  • Manage Cafe Expenses and Sales for Profit, including

    • Reviewing menu prices for appropriate margins
    • Maintaining costs of goods at target percent of gross sales
    • Managing labor hours for anticipated volume
    • Positioning retail items for impulse purchases
    • Managing food, coffee, allied product and fair trade retail purchases
    • Identifying new potential customers and ways to market to them
  • Manage Community Relationships, including

    • Responding to donation requests
    • Overseeing First Friday events with extended hours
    • Making space hospitable and welcoming to locally based community groups
    • Positioning the coffee house as a destination for newcomers to Americus
    • Staying abreast of local events (City, County or State) that could boost sales
  • Collaborate with Cafe Campesino Roastery, including

    • Making space available to wholesale sales team & potential wholesale customers
    • Buying and selling allied products and key coffees promoted by the roastery
    • Working with Finance Department to report monthly expenses
    • Working with Marketing Department to promote cafe and (when appropriate) Americus
    • Identifying and communicating wholesale leads to the roastery

Successful Applicants for this position will:

  • Have 1-2 years management experience
  • Have a passion for coffee and preferably experience working in a coffee shop
  • Be genuinely energized about having a role in a sustainable, intentional supply chain
  • Be naturally empathetic and understanding of others
  • Be Capable of performing disciplinary actions
  • Be Able to see both big picture as well as day-to-day details
  • Be Capable of delegating responsibilities and continually checking-in on progress
  • Have a strong work-ethic
  • Have a reservoir of internal professionalism, optimism and kindness from which he/she can draw
  • Be humble enough to do dishes, mop floors and jump-in to help staff wherever necessary
  • Be physically capable of walking and standing for 5+ hours and carrying at least 20 pounds
  • Be Capable of identifying his or her own areas for personal growth and professional development

Applicants are required to submit a Resume, Cover Letter and three references.

Application Deadline: Monday, January 23, 2017

Submit Applications to: coffeehouse@cafecampesino.com with “Manager Application” in subject heading.

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Position Open: Barista – Americus

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Cafe Campesino CoffeehouseWe are looking for a barista for our Americus coffeehouse team. Learn more about this open position below. Qualified candidates should apply by January 23, 2017.

Café Campesino, Inc. – Job Description
Position: Barista
Type: Part-time
Compensation: Hourly

The Barista has an above-average energy level, a “can-do” attitude, a happy, positive outlook on life, a commitment to environmental stewardship and a burning interest in making the world a better place… along with a genuine love of great coffee. The Barista is disciplined and able to focus, despite frequent interruptions, which are characteristic of the working environment. The Barista is constantly moving- either working with customers, cleaning the coffee house or participating in any one of the many responsibilities listed below, while maintaining a kind and positive demeanor with colleagues and customers. Above all, the Barista is a trusted member of the coffee house team who exemplifies Cafe Campesino’s Core Values, while working to support coffee house management and the broader operations of the company. The Barista reports to and works with the coffeehouse management team, which includes a manager, an assistant manager and shift leads.

Barista Responsibilities Will Include:

  • Greeting Customers with a smile and audible “Welcome”
  • Listening to Customer Preferences & Helping them Navigate through the Menu
  • Brewing and Serving Excellent Espresso Beverages
  • Developing “Drinks of the Month”
  • Brewing Excellent Drip Coffee
  • Monitoring Brewed Coffee Levels & Freshness
  • Entering & Processing Orders through Square Register
  • Learning facts about at least one Small-Farmer Cooperative
  • Attending Cuppings
  • Packing and Selling Coffee by-the-pound
  • Answering Phones
  • Taking To-go Orders
  • Taking Coffee-by-the-Pound Orders
  • Call-in 10-2 Orders
  • Brewing French Press & Pour-Overs
  • Brewing & Selling Hot Tea, Iced Tea & Tea Boxes
  • Never-ending curiosity and pursuit of more coffee knowledge
  • Above-average understanding of coffee supply chain
  • Deep understanding of Cafe Campesino history
  • Being Supportive of and Working well with colleagues

Food-Related Responsibilities Will Include:

  • Preparing Breakfast Bagels, Oatmeal, Snacks & Fruit & Yogurt
  • Stocking & Displaying Baked Goods
  • Baking as-needed
  • Ringing up Orders
  • Ensuring Customer Orders are accurately communicated to Person Preparing them
  • 10 Steps of Lunch Service (including bussing tables & filling drinks)

Daily Non-Coffee Shift Responsibilities will Include:

  • Receiving and Stocking Products
  • Breaking Down Boxes
  • Checking & Preparing Sanitizers
  • Washing Dishes
  • Putting away Dishes
  • Checking Stock Levels on All product
  • Checking Dates on all products
  • Brewing Tea and Toddy Cold Brew
  • Preparing Chocolate Sauce
  • Wiping Down Tables, Brushing Crumbs off Seats, making sure space looks neat & orderly
  • Cleaning & Restocking Condiment Station
  • Completing Daily Deep Clean Checklist
  • Counting Money & Monitoring Tips

Additional information

-This position requires a background check prior to hire.

-The first 180 calendar days after the date of hire are considered to be an introductory period and as such, a probationary period during which the new employee’s supervisor and management have an opportunity to evaluate the ability of the employee to perform her/his job.

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