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The lazy of days of summer are well under way and after a strenuous week following close to 2000 bike riders around Georgia, Geoffrey, Alan and Victoria are back in Americus.

The three traveled with BRAG ( serving morning coffee to over 200 people each day, and iced mochas every afternoon. The response to Café Campesino coffee was overwhelmingly positive, and the “mobile coffeehouse” was a huge hit each afternoon when the bike riders came in from a hot day on the road.

Here is a letter from Geoffrey to all the BRAG riders, as well as a list of the “secret” ingredients in our amazing iced mochas!

Greetings BRAG Riders,

I hope that you are feeling very accomplished for riding so many miles, and your bums (a word for derriere we all learned from Victoria) have recovered.

Though we cannot claim to have ridden a bicycle across Georgia, the Cafe Campesino team can claim some new records. After over 100 pounds of coffee we brewed nearly 35 gallons of coffee each day. We also served almost 1,000 Iced Mochas and 3500 snacks! Thanks to such a successful year, we are now talking about a more serious commitment to a portable coffee house that might soon travel the country serving not only the finest coffee, but more importantly a good serving of information about fair trade, and ways that we can all help the very challenged family coffee farmers around the world.

Though we don’t miss waking up at 3:30 to start the coffee pots, we do miss seeing all the smiles each morning and all of the comments from y’all.

Here are a few of our favorites:
“You look tired.”
“This is the best part of BRAG.”
“You’re out of mochas again! [pause with dejected look] Is there some sort of therapy group I can attend?”
To Victoria (who is from the UK): “You’re not from Georgia are you?”
“What’s in these mochas?”

Here is the answer to this one:
50% Fair Trade Coffee (BRAG brew is best)
25% Milk or Half and Half
10% Hershey’s syrup (though Alan thinks we should support Georgia)
12% Ice (added to help cool coffee and aid in shaking)
3% sugar

Of course you could probably work it out to standard measures, but we now only know how to make it in volume thanks to the overwhelming popularity at BRAG.

Add all the ingredients to a sealed container and shake with your whole body (we can teach you the proper technique at the next BRAG event so that you can become a “certified” Mocha Mixer.)

A final question that we received from many: “Where do you guys go after this?”

Apparently, it wasn’t obvious from our regularly running out of this or that that we do not do this sort of thing year-round. Victoria has returned to her volunteer position at Koinonia Partners in Americus, Georgia before doing some traveling then returning to Manchester, England. Alan has returned to upstate New York where he has been reunited with his 6 month old puppy, and is getting ready for some gigs playing guitar. And Geoffrey is back in Americus volunteering for Cafe Campesino and Cooperative Coffees (the Fair Trade Importer of our coffee, also located here in Americus).


And here’s one of our next events:

Friday, August 1, 2003, 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM – Southface Sustainable Atlanta Roundtable – Café Campesino attends the monthly (first Friday of every month, unless otherwise noted) SART (and serves up coffee) as a Fair Trade representative promoting sustainable coffee agriculture and trade. Bring your own mug to the roundtable and qualify to win a free pound of Cafe Campesino fair trade, shade grown coffee! To register on the Roundtable mailing list/e-mail list, visit:

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