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The Bike Ride Across Georgia (BRAG) Bikefest, held this past weekend, was once again a very enjoyable venue for serving Fair Trade Coffee. Victoria and Geoffrey traveled to Newnan, Georgia to serve coffee to bike riders getting together for one last BRAG ride before winter. The ride was once again very well organized, and many were glad to be able to get a good cup of coffee before setting out for the day.

Weather was a bit cooler than usual, so we didn’t make any iced mochas this year. We did serve over 350 cups of BRAG Brew. We also sold some of our T-shirts, handcrafted mugs and a few pounds of coffee for those who wanted to home brew. As usual, there were many great discussions about Fair Trade and the importance of supporting our farmers.

Jack and Kathleen, BRAG regulars who have become good friends of ours, arrived in their new pop-up camper and again were a great help and support. They brought their dog, Lance (named after Lance Armstrong), allowing for some dog-sitting during the day while they rode. To Lance, it is now Aunt Victoria and Uncle Geoffrey!

It’s always great to catch up with all of our BRAG friends, some of whom go back four years now! BRAG has developed a wonderful feeling of community, and we at Café Campesino are pleased to have become regular members.

While Geoffrey and Victoria were busy with the Newnan folks, our roaster, Lee, went down to Mt. Dora in Florida to serve Café Campesino coffee to yet another large group of cyclists. Trying something new, Lee chose not to camp out at the serving site, which turned out to be the right choice. Not only did it rain Saturday night, but the sprinkler system on the site comes on in the middle of the night!

Both events were a success, and we look forward to going back next year!

Coming up, we will be serving coffee and raising awareness at the SOA Watch ( November 21-23 in Fort Benning, GA. From the SOA Watch site: “Join thousands from across the Americas from November 21-23, 2003 at the gates of the U.S. military base Fort Benning in Georgia – home of the notorious School of the Americas – renamed Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation – to stand in solidarity with the victims of the School of Assassins and to speak out against terror and violence. …Engage in nonviolent direct action to make your voice heard…and to change oppressive U.S. foreign policy.”

With the cooler weather setting in and the holidays quickly approaching, we have a busy schedule of coffee roasting and shipping ahead. So you’ll also find the Café Campesino team hard at work in Americus to bring you the high quality coffee you crave so you can enjoy these crisp fall mornings in style!

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