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This week, our dedicated outreach team is serving coffee in the early morning hours to the barely-conscious bike riders at the 2004 BRAG. The bike ride begins in Toccoa, Georgia on June 12, and will wrap up at Tybee Island, just outside of Savannah on June 19. Geoffrey, our outreach coordinator, headed straight to Toccoa after spending the previous week serving coffee at various G-8 events. He won’t be serving to the sleepy masses alone, though. Victoria and Alan will again join up for the whirlwind week, as will J. This will be J.’s first week-long BRAG jaunt, but Victoria and Alan are now old hands at this game! We’re delighted to have them back helping out and pleased to have a new face joining the team. For those of you at home this week, don’t miss out on the chance to try BRAG Brew, our special of the month!!

Last week, Bill took a trip to Savannah, Ga. to speak at a globalization forum, sponsored by The Sentient Bean, a local coffee house. “As usual, the Sentient Bean organized a fantastic event,” he said. “Over 70 enthusiastic folks attended the two and a half hour presentation!” Other organizations presenting at the forum included the Jubilee Network and 50 Years Is Enough.

Lee, our roaster, has just returned from Vermont, where he spent three days honing his coffee cupping skills. He comes back to us with a deeper knowledge of specialty coffee, and how to apply this to our fair trade coffees. Look forward to hearing more from Lee in the future as he helps you get the most from your coffee in the Dr. Coffee column!

Keep your eye out for an article about us in Atlanta Latino in the next few weeks.

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