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Written by Cafe Campesino on Feb 1, 2005 in Community Caravan, NEWSLETTER |

Bill departed on February 3rd for his 2-month working sabbatical in Quetzaltenango (locally known as Xela) Guatemala, where he is immersed in daily Spanish lessons and working with our partners at Manos Campesinas. His first email back to the office exclaimed: “my apartment is fantastic – modern, small, clean…and my downstairs neighbors have a golden retriever… all is well in Guatemala!”

On February 10th, Tripp and his 6-year old son Hugh flew to Guatemala to visit Bill and meet our producer partners in Xela. Unbeknownst to Bill and with less than 48 hours to go until departure, Lee listened to his adventurous inner voice and decided to join Tripp and Hugh on their journey. In this edition of Fair Grounds, Tripp offers his initial observations on his thrilling experience in Xela; his son Hugh is preparing a presentation for his fellow kindergarteners at Sumter Primary School…we’re sure they won’t be disappointed!

On February 11th and 12th, Geoffrey represented Café Campesino at The Georgia Organics 8th Annual Conference, which featured keynote speaker Eliot Coleman, in Waco, Georgia (yes, there is such a place). This year’s conference theme is “New Harvest: Connecting Growers and Consumers Year-Round,” which illustrates why Café Campesino is so thrilled to be affiliated with the folks at Georgia Organics!

On February 25th, Lee and Tripp are hitting the road again to sample our coffee and talk Fair Trade at one of our newest customers, The Mayflower Coffee Company in Washington, Georgia. They will travel north from there on the 26th to visit with our long-time friends at Buck’s Coffee Café in Highlands, North Carolina, where, again, they will be sampling our coffee and talking Fair Trade with Buck’s loyal patrons!

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