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The grueling pace continues (but we love it!). While Bill plugs away at his Spanish in Guatemala…Spanish with a drawl…Lee and Tripp have been on the road quite a bit and will be heading out for more events in early April.

Their visits to the beautiful and inspiring Mayflower Coffee Company in Washington, Georgia, and Buck’s (Great!) Coffee Café in Highlands, North Carolina, provided valuable opportunities to talk Fair Trade with a variety of folks who clearly appreciate the movement’s principles, not to mention great coffee!  Lee and Tripp also journeyed up to the Southface Energy Institute in Atlanta on March 4th to attend the organization’s monthly roundtable, where, of course, Café Campesino coffee is served!

Tripp will be traveling to Kennesaw, Georgia, on April 8th to participate in the Inaugural Student Peace Leadership Training & Symposium at Kennesaw University.

On Saturday, April 9th, Geoffrey will be representing us at Habitat’s Global Village for their annual festival.

On the following Wednesday, Lee will jet out to Seattle to attend the SCAA Annual Expo, as well as represent Café Campesino as a new partner in the Catholic Relief Services Fair Trade Program, which will be covered in our next issue of Fair Grounds.

Finally, Geoffrey will once again lead the charge to set up camp for this year’s BRAG Spring Tune-Up, scheduled for April 15 – 17.

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