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As you are reading this month’s edition of Fair Grounds, Lee, Bill and Tripp are en route to Washington, DC, for this weekend’s (September 24th & 25th) 2005 Green Festival at the Washington Convention Center. We’ll be in booth number 324, so stop by to say hello, sample some coffee and meet like-minded folks from all over.

If you can make it to the festival, be sure to join us on Saturday, September 24th, from 3:30 to 4:30 PM in the Green Festival’s Fair Trade Pavilion, where Tripp and other representatives of Cooperative Coffees will be conducting a Fair Trade Coffee Workshop addressing the role of producer relations in Fair Trade…if you need further enticement, Café Campesino and the other 17 members of Cooperative Coffees will be giving away over 100 pounds of coffee throughout the weekend…free, Fair Trade, organic coffee from a group of truly dedicated, skilled roasters…wow!

To learn more about the DC Green Festival, visit

On Wednesday, September 28th, Tripp, Lee and Geoffrey will be heading up to Atlanta to set up shop, serve fair trade coffee samples, talk Fair Trade and join Oxfam and Coldplay in promoting their Make Trade Fair Big Noise campaign.

Coldplay is championing the Make Trade Fair campaign during their “Twisted Logic” tour in August and September. The concerts feature music from their long-awaited third release—”X&Y”—and a call to sign the Big Noise petition. This petition calls on world leaders to change trade rules that keep millions of farmers across the world in poverty. In 2003, Oxfam gathered 10,000 Big Noise signatures during Coldplay’s 14-date US tour. This year, Oxfam hopes to get 50,000 signatures.

Before each concert, Coldplay shows a brief video on the suffering caused by bad trade policies and the potential for trade reform to lift millions out of poverty. The video calls on concert-goers to sign the Big Noise petition by using their cell phones to send a text message. Sun Microsystems is providing the technology and support for thousands of anticipated text messages. Oxfam volunteers will also collect petition signatures by hand.

The Big Noise petition has been signed by 7.7 million people globally. Oxfam will deliver the Big Noise to world trade ministers this December at the WTO Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong. To learn more visit

A REMINDER….AGAIN (A RE-REMINDER?) From September 30 to October 2, 2005, Tripp and Bill will be in Chicago, IL for the Fair Trade Futures Conference, designed to strengthen Fair Trade mission-driven organizations and attract customers and activists to the movement.

If you are interested in joining us, please visit where you can learn more about the conference and register to attend. The National Fair Trade Conference is sponsored by: A Greater Gift/SERRV, Catholic Relief Services, Cooperative Coffees, Equal Exchange, Lutheran World Relief, Oxfam America and Ten Thousand Villages.

And finally, on October 2nd through the 5th, Geoffrey will be serving Café Campesino in Newnan, Georgia at the 2005 BRAG Georgia BikeFest. A Café Campesino tradition, the Fall BRAG is sure to be another hit for bike and coffee enthusiasts alike. To learn more, visit

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