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We mentioned in the last edition of Fair Grounds that April is looking to be a busy, busy month…well, we weren’t kidding! Read on for a glimpse of this “real-time” Community Caravan at its best!

Monday April 3rd — Tripp set out bright and early for Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport to pick up a delegation of extraordinary folks from Peru, including Esperanza Dionisio Castillo, the general manager of Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Pangoa Ltda. (CAC Pangoa), from whom we buy our Fair Trade, organic Peruvian coffee. Accompanying Esperanza were Marcial Lazo Mucha, Mario Chacon Acuna of the Green Development Foundation’s Progresso Coffee Program (to learn more about this program, visit and, Elizabeth Villa Junco, the general manager of Central de Productores Agroecologicos Pichanaki, CEPROAP, Pichanaki, Chanchamayo, PERU. CEPROAP is an umbrella organization of coffee producer organizations from the district of Pichanaki. Established in 2000, CEPROAP currently has 39 producer associations Ander its roof with a total of 904 small-scale producer members with over 11,000 acres of coffee under cultivation

Bill and Wilman Sotelo, a member of the technical assistance team working with our producer partners at Fondo Paez in Colombia, later joined Tripp and the Peruvian delegation to present a Fair Trade Producer Partner Perspective at Sevananda Natural Foods Market.

Tuesday, April 4th — Our friends from Peru and Colombia are in Americus for meetings, a little coffee cupping, and grits (of course), then later in the day the Peruvian delegation splits off for a visit to our friends at Larry’s Beans.

Wednesday, April 5th — Tripp and Wilman are off to visit South Georgia Technical College for a morning of dialogue with students and faculty there. After they’ve wrapped up their visit, they’ll pile into Bill’s hybrid Honda to journey to Charlotte, where they will spend the rest of the week at this year’s SCAA conference and meet with fellow members of Cooperative Coffees.

Saturday, April 15th – Tripp heads off to the Sentient Bean in Savannah, prodigious purveyors of Café Campesino coffee (and loyal Fair Trade allies) to cup coffee with the Bean’s staff and customers between 5:30 and 7:00. Following the cupping, Sentient Bean barista Linda Reno will present Fair Trade & Community in Guatemala, a one-hour presentation and photographic exposition of her recent experience visiting with our producer partners in Guatemala. If you find yourself in Savannah for the weekend, be sure to visit the Sentient Bean for Linda’s presentation and a cup of Café Campesino coffee. For more information, visit

Friday April 28th through the 30th – It’s that time again…Geoffrey is heading out to serve up Café Campesino and, this year, Guayaki Yerba Mate Lattes and Chai lattes, to the folks riding in this year’s Bicycle Ride Across Georgia’s Spring Tune-Up in Madison, Georgia. For more info about this annual event, visit

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