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Bill, Tripp and friends from CAC Pangoa

CAC Pangoa VisitTripp returned from Peru a few days ago while Bill traveled on from there to visit our Fair Trade friends at Fondo Paez in Colombia. Once Bill is back and both he and Tripp have had a chance to reflect on what they agree was a truly special experience with our friends at CAC Pangoa, they’ll put together an in-depth trip report along with plenty of photos to share in next month’s edition of Fair Grounds. Between now and then though, everyone should know that the people of CAC Pangoa are the genuine article, a living, breathing example of what Fair Trade can accomplish when driven by dynamic, cooperative relationships and guided by the core principles of Fair Trade. The photo (left) features Tripp, Bill and CAC Pangoa general manager and Fair Trade dynamo Esperanza Dionisio Castillo with our gracious hosts and CAC Pangoa members Adolfo Ñaco and Teofilo Mahuanca of the native community of Mazaronquiari in Rio Blanco/Parua. Intrigued? Stay tuned for more in the March edition of Fair Grounds.

Sustainable Business Day: January 25, 2007Last Thursday, Tripp and our friend Sheila Crowley served up Café Campesino and talked Fair Trade once again at the annual Sustainable Business Day event held in the Georgia State Capitol Building. Café Campesino and dozens of other “green” Georgia businesses showcased an impressive range of products and services to the state’s legislators and the plethora of staff, lobbyists, and constituents who filled the halls of the Capitol building. Georgia Representative Pat Gardner, member of the Committee on Natural Resources and Environment, and Senator Jeff Mullis, Chair of the Senate Economic Development Committee, introduced resolutions supporting the position that innovative businesses can help conserve resources that are crucial for the future of Georgia’s economy. After the legislators had introduced their resolutions, Café Campesino friend, neighbor, and Representative Mike Cheokas took the floor and, after distributing Café Campesino brochures to all 180 members of the legislature, introduced Café Campesino to the members, acknowledging Café Campesino for its work as Georgia’s Fair Trade, organic coffee roaster. Thank you Representative Cheokas for your support! We’d also like to thank Sen. Hooks for once again meeting with us at the Capitol and for his longstanding support of Café Campesino. Who knows…maybe Café Campesino will some day be the coffee of choice in our fine state’s Capitol rotunda! To learn more about the visionary group that made Georgia Sustainable Business Day happen, visit:

On Saturday, February 24th, Café Campesino will be hosting our friends Michael Sheridan, CRS’ Fair Trade Program officer, and Dorothy Grillo, Director of CRS’ Southeast Regional office, along with approximately 20 other folks from the region for a one-day training program entitled Train the Trainer. This one day workshop is designed to help attendees, including most, if not all of the Café Campesino staff, to build their skills and become more effective advocates for Fair Trade. Given CRS’ leadership in the Fair Trade movement and their support of 100% Fair Traders like Café Campesino, we’re certain that this event is just the first of many to come! To learn more about the CRS Fair Trade Program, visit:

Spring is just around the corner, so heads up. In March, Café Campesino will be participating in Georgia Organics Annual Conference, ramping up for our annual coffee service at BRAG’s Spring Tune Up, and gearing up for a summer of activities that spread the good word of Fair Trade via a tasty cup of Café Campesino coffee.

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