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Written by Cafe Campesino on Oct 1, 2002 in Community Caravan, NEWSLETTER |

It’s been a very busy travel month for coffee brewers at Café Campesino. First, Lee and Bill were off to western Massachusetts for the Cooperative Coffees Annual Meeting (and Disco Bowling tournament). We shared a long weekend of laughter, strategic thinking and emotion with the other members of our green coffee cooperative. The event was hosted by Dean Cycon of Dean’s Beans and over 30 members of the coop attended – along with guest speakers from Oxfam, Forestrade, Coffee Lab International and Ecologic Enterprise Ventures. And continuing the fine traditional established at last year’s meeting, we bowled until the cows came home Saturday night. Also, Lee joined the Board of Directors of Cooperative Coffees at this meeting. Congratulations to him!

During the first weekend in October, Geoffrey and Luz served coffee to hundreds of cyclists at the Fall BRAG in Newnan, while Daniel served the regulars at Southface on Friday and the Georgia Native Plant Society on Saturday. Geoffrey and Victoria (back from England) returned to the Mt Dora Bicycle Festival last weekend. It was good to see so many familiar faces and friends at these events!

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