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Community Caravan: May 2008

Cafe’ and Travel Update

And the walls come tumblin’ down… well, maybe not tumblin, but they’re definitely comin down. That’s right, construction on our new coffee house has begun! This past Monday our good friend and renovator extraordinaire, Dave Landis, settled in and began the Cafe Campesino coffee house build-out here at 725 Spring Street. We’ll keep you posted as we progress but you can plan on seeing us pulling shots and frothing milk here by early June.

FYI – one wonderful thing about having a blog is that we can update everyone on goings on here in between newsletters. Just add the new Cafe Campesino Weblog ( to your bookmarks and check-in whenever you get the urge!

While the coffee house project moves forward, we’ve got, as usual, a ton of stuff going on in the world of Cafe Campesino. For starters, our very own customer service dynamo Rebecca Young heads off with Tripp, Bill, and Abby to attend the SCAA annual conference in Minneapolis, also home to our Cooperative Coffees colleagues and wonderful friends Peace Coffee. While in Minneapolis, which by the way Wikipedia claims to be the most literate city in the country, the crew will participate in a flurry of Cooperative Coffees events there as other members from the coop fly in for what promises to be an action-packed weekend.

Join us in celebrating World Fair Trade Day on Saturday, May 10

Join us in celebrating Fair Trade on May 10, 2008! Fair Trade means a fair price for farmers and artisans, a better future for our planet, and a tastier, higher quality product for you. On Saturday, May 10th, Café Campesino will join with people from 70 countries worldwide to celebrate World Fair Trade Day and highlight the importance and benefits of Fair Trade. We’re trying to help set the World Record for the World’s Largest Fair Trade Coffee Break. At 3pm Eastern/Noon Pacific, Fair Trade supporters around the world will take a break to enjoy a cup of Fair Trade coffee. Café Campesino doors will open at 2:30. Bring your favorite coffee mug and enjoy free Café Campesino coffee, with live music by Patrick Owen. Festivities will continue on through the evening with a potluck beginning at 6:00, and a viewing of Black Gold, a film about Ethiopia’s coffee farmers and fair trade.

Local Documentary to Premiere at Roastery

On May 30th, Café Campesino will be premiering “Soapy,” a brief documentary film featuring James Herndon, veteran barber of downtown Americus. The film, produced by Gail Segal and photographed by Faith Fuller, depicts everyday life in our community, and uses Herndon’s business of more than four decades as a prism through which to view not only his unique story, but a fascinating social pattern of interactions that have, according to Fuller, earned the attention of critics as far as New York.

Looking To Home School?

Koinonia is getting serious about a home-school based program for children of all ages, to be held on site at Koinonia Farms. The model is going to be based on smaller class sizes, increased one-on-one instruction, and a holistic and practical approach to learning that centers on the student and encourages more hands-on activity as well as acceptance and patience for the child’s perspective.

The staff will also work with parents to incorporate their visions for spiritual and personal growth education. The program will adhere to all of the Georgia State requirements, which include teaching Social Studies, Science, Math, Language Arts and Reading, and the administering of standardized tests, when required. But it will approach these from a perspective that leans more towards the Montessori and Waldorf examples, while incorporating service learning and vocational skills. For more information, please contact Jim at 518-248-3165 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              518-248-3165      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or

Brew Bragging

A quick thanks to the wonderful people of BRAG who made this year’s Spring Tune Up such a happy experience for Cafe Campesino. We especially want to thank our friends Dona (aka “Rosie the Towell Lady”), her husband Bill, and Lisa and Clyde (massage therapists beyond compare) who stood in to help Tripp and Bill dol out BRAG Brew in truly exceptional form. Stay tuned for more information (here in our blog and in the Community section of our website) about how BRAG Brew lovers can help Cafe Campesino support BRAG’s Dream Team program.

PermiBus Visits Americus

Permaculture, an intriguing grassroots bi-product of an increasingly environmentally mindful public, involves sustainable living with self-contained power and waste composting systems. On April 16th, Delyla, Stan and Megan Wilson visited Café Campesino, where they delivered a program and allowed people to tour their PermiBus. The family travels the states with their “Skills For A New Millennium Tour,” cultivating revolutionary ways of living, educating communities in homesteading, citizenship and general life skills.

“We talk about everything from basic self-defense to non-violent direct action and home butchering,” said Megan.

Permaculture leaves nothing to waste, and the focus moves beyond the eco-friendly materials used in everything from solar conversion to recycling; the group keeps chickens and dogs, composting everything, including human waste.

Check out this truly unique set of committed individuals at and

Crew Returns from Wonderfully Festive Visit to Peace Coffee & SCAA in Minneapolis

On May 4th, Rebecca and Tripp returned from a whirlwind three-day visit to Minneapolis where they spent quality time with our good friends at Peace Coffee, the other members of Cooperative Coffees, and several of our cherished producer partners who were able to make it up to Minneapolis. While there, Rebecca walked the floor of this year’s SCAA conference, searching for suppliers for our soon-to-be coffee house. Of her first experience meeting the members of Cooperative Coffees Rebecca said, “it didn’t feel like I was meeting all these people for the first time… in fact, it kind of felt like I was with family and friends who I have known all along.” Of her first experience walking an SCAA exhibit hall, Rebecca slurred, “man, I think I drank too many smoothies and ate too many pastries… I feel like I’m gonna dah!” All kidding aside, we’d like to thank all of our friends at Peace Coffee who went out of their way to show us a good time and make us feel at home. We’d also like to thank all of the visiting coffee farmers and coop managers who invested and continue to invest their time and energy supporting Cafe Campesino and Cooperative Coffees… we’re lucky to have Fair Trade friends like you!

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