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As this newsletter arrives, temperatures are climbing towards 70+ degrees; a stark contrast to a bone-chilling day of wind followed by a “snowstorm” on March 1. That’s right. A snowstorm in southwest Georgia! Our friends to the north may chuckle about a few hours of snowflakes that struggled to accumulate on a somewhat warm springtime turf but it was quite an event for us Sumter Countians. It’s an event that happens here maybe once or twice a decade! Interestingly, this “snowstorm” occurred two years to the day from another wind-filled, albeit much warmer, event in our local history. On the evening of March 1, 2007, Mother Nature brought a devastating tornado to our community. Rebuilding continues to this day as a result of that storm and memories of the destruction are still quite vivid. Next time, we’ll take another snowstorm.

Looking Forward

-This Saturday, the 14th, a memorial service is happening at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta to honor and celebrate the life and work of our friend, Millard Fuller, who passed away last month. Many folks from Americus and the surrounding area as well as from Habitat for Humanity and The Fuller Center for Housing plan to attend. Blessings on this event.

-March 20-21 brings the Georgia Organics 12th Annual Conference & Trade Show, the southeast’s largest trade show dedicated to sustainable agriculture. As a sponsor of the conference, we’re happy to show our support for this event filled with farm and food tours, in-depth workshops to educate, and a call to the advocacy of sustainable practices.

-A ‘Heads Up’: The April 2009 edition of Fair Grounds will take a closer look at the founding of Cooperative Coffees as part of that organization’s 10th anniversary. Stay tuned for that retrospect… and more.

Looking Back

-The 3rd Annual CRS Fair Trade Weekend was held on February 27-28, a collaboration of Catholic Relief Services, Koinonia Farm, and Cafe Campesino. CRS Program Officer for the Southeast Simone Blanchard and our very own Tripp Pomeroy led thought-provoking discussions and events that included a screening of the movie “Black Gold”, a documentary that effectively shows the oppressive situations along with the work and hope for changes in fairness from the perspective of coffee farmers in Ethiopia. It’s an eye-opening movie that illustrates the incredible need for more and more partnerships to turn the tide of unfair commodity trading into a fair trade relationship with benefit to all.

-Speaking of good documentaries, a few of us recently attended a screening and forum discussion of “Briars in the Cotton Patch”, the story of Koinonia Farm and its struggles to survive during the turbulent, racially charged decades of the 50’s and 60’s. It was a real and personal history lesson of a story that is often overlooked in the annals of the civil rights movement. A “thank you” to several Koinonia residents, past and present, to “Briars” producer Faith Fuller, and to Georgia Southwestern State University for a well-done, informative event.

-The Sumter County Humane Society hosted its 2nd Annual Casino Night on February 28th. The festivities included a silent auction to raise funds for shelter equipment and supplies as they continue to care for the many animals in need. Cafe Campesino happily donated a couple of prizes to this worthwhile cause and we understand that it was another successful event. Kudos to our humane society for the love and care they provide.

-February also saw another special event. Congratulations to Jim & Margaret Favre on the celebration of their 39th wedding anniversary. We so appreciate their consistently cheerful presence and are very happy to share in the joy of this occasion. Their frequent visits to the cafe coupled with the 39 years of marriage make them true “coffee lovers”. (insert your ‘groan’ here)

All in good, clean pun. Thanks for reading… hope to see you next time.

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