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Kudos – Sweetwater Organic Coffee Co., our roastery in Florida, was recently honored by the coffee reviewers at Roast Magazine (July/August issue) with a top score for their Papua New Guinea coffee. Our roaster at Sweetwater, Jim Caskey, uses a Viennesse roast style recipe developed by roastmaster, Lee Harris. (Great job, guys!) The fair trade, organic beans are grown in the Purosa region of Papua New Guinea and come to us via the Highlands Organic Agriculture Cooperative. The hard work of the farmers in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea shines through in this superb coffee.

Americus Food Co-Op – Recently, we’ve had the opportunity to become the drop-off/pick-up point for a community grocery co-op. Friends and neighbors place their orders online with the natural foods service and a few days later, the food is delivered to the Café Campesino receiving area where co-op members then drop by at their convenience to grab their groceries. Via the cooperative, members have access to buying in bulk as well as a chance to buy organic items they would not otherwise have access to in this area of Georgia. They can also team up with other members to split a unit of something new/exotic in search of interesting and healthy fare for their kitchen table. It’s a neat program and is open to anyone interested in participating. If you want to learn more about it, drop by the coffee house and let us know.

Atlanta – On July 24th, Tripp heads to Sweet Auburn Curb Market for a local organic produce event known as Corn-U-Copia. Lots and lots of corn-focused foods along with other local, sustainable, delectable produce to eat and Café Campesino coffee and tea to drink. Event happens from 3pm to 7pm on that Saturday. Market is located at 209 Edgewood Ave SE in Atlanta. Stop by and ask Tripp to fix you a drink to wash down that delicious corn on the cob.

Pics on Flickr – We’ve started a Flickr account to host many of the pictures we acquire during events and visits. Check out our photos for a slew of photos from  Maty, Bill, and Tripp’s visit to Guatemala.  Bookmark the page and check back periodically for more additions.

BRAG / Paddle Georgia – Geoffrey Hennies was joined by Levi Lyman-Barner and Jeh Hunter this year for another great year on the Bike Ride Across Georgia. This year’s ride took everyone through the beautiful mountains of north Georgia and then after an extended layover in Athens, ended in Savannah Lakes Resort in South Carolina. With a few less riders, morning sales where down a bit, but after all those hills, more people than ever stopped by for their well deserved iced mocha! Again this year, a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Dream Team.

Geoffrey continued on to travel along the Coosawattee & Oostanaula Rivers serving up coffee for the 2009 Paddle Georgia trip. With help from one of BRAG’s long time massage therapists Eddie and Lisa we served up the Georgia River Network Blend while raising money and awareness about Georgias rivers through the Georgia River Network.

Movie Night –  Our movie night at the cafe this month is “Best in Show”.  This original comedy, a “mock”umentary if you will, focuses on the owners (and handlers) of five show dogs headed for the Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show.  Early reviews tell us its hilarious.  Join us Thursday night, July 23rd.  Doors open at 7:30pm, show starts at 8:00pm and, as always, the movie is FREE.

Roastery Slam – On a recent Saturday night, June 20th, about 75 of us gathered at the coffee house to pay tribute to and poke fun at our boss and friend, Tripp Pomeroy. Not only is he president of Cafe Campesino as well as a board member of Cooperative Coffees but he is a fine sport (and a surprisingly easy target). Thanks to all who participated either in person, via email or video. We laughed until we cried at some of the jokes and musings aimed at our friend and Tripp showed his appreciation by promptly hiring back all the people he fired earlier in the evening. What a guy!

They say that laughter is the best medicine. Well, laughing at Tripp appears to have had a beneficial effect on a pregnant woman in the audience that night of his “roast”. A mere three to four hours following the event, she went into labor and about 12 hours after that, delivered a beautiful baby girl.

Maya Susanna Campbell – Dave and Jackie Campbell welcomed a daughter, Maya, into this world on June 21st, Father’s Day. She weighed in at 6lbs 15oz and measured 19.75 inches. The proud parents say “What a blessing she has been! And what a blessing it has been to have good friends and family around to share in the joy.”   Mom and baby are doing well while Dad is still grasping the concept of a baby girl in his life. Maybe a little more sleep would help.

A YouTube moment – brought to you by Jason “I wanna be a director” Foster. Check out Jason’s video about a wonderful drink (spoiler: it’s yerba mate, it’s fair trade, it’s organic, and it’s available from our online store) Enjoy.

Stay tuned for the August issue of Fair Grounds in which we’ll update you on the great things that are happening at Santa Anita La Union in Guatemala, including the great works of students from Tufts University (Tripp’s Alma Mater), pictured here, who are participating in the university’s Institute of Global Leadership BUILD program (Building Understanding through International Learning and Development).

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