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(Editor’s note: As we continue to grow and expand this venture, we hope to keep all of our readers as informed as possible of the many happenings at Cafe Campesino in Americus, Cafe Campesino Atlanta, and Sweetwater Organic Coffee in Gainesville, FL. Be on the lookout for news & events from all three locations.)

Café Campesino Atlanta April 1-31: Café Campesino Atlanta celebrates Earth Day all month! Customers get $.75 coffee if they bring in their reusable mugs!

March 17– Café Campesino Atlanta welcomed 15 attendees to “The Whats, Whys, and Hows of Organic Eating,” Café Campesino’s first organics & healthy eating seminar that we put on in collaboration with Green City Market, a new vendor in the Sweet Auburn Curb Market that sells fresh, local and organic foods. Learn more about Green City Market and our joint programs with them on Facebook here:

March 19-21– Café Campesino was at the ING Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon in Atlanta! (no, we didn’t run!) We sampled coffee in the Georgia Dome on March 19 & 20, when 17,000 runners and their families stopped in to pick up their numbers and informational packets. Then, on Sunday, we supplied nearly 400 volunteers and attendees with Café Campesino coffee. It was a fantastic event, and we congratulate all of the participants who ran the marathon (26.2 miles) & the half-marathon (13.1 miles)!

March 26– Café Campesino Atlanta participated in the Sweet Auburn Curb Market’s first Urban Picnic that offered food cards and delicious goodies to about 200 attendees at lunchtime. Fresh, local and tasty were the themes of this urban picnic that featured a combination of food trucks and local vendors including Athens’ Farm Cart, that was launched by farm-to-table restaurant Farm 255, and a truck from Buckhead’s lunchtime super-star, Souper Jenny. The event that was attended by Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and supported by Slow Food Atlanta and Georgia Organics was also meant to promote an effort to revise Atlanta legislation restricting food vendors from selling on Atlanta streets. Learn more about that effort Also, stay tuned for regular Urban Picnics at the Curb Market…

March 27– Café Campesino Atlanta welcomed volunteers from Centennial Olympic Park to the Sweet Auburn Curb Market for a breakfast and scavenger hunt! Located less than 1 mile from our Atlanta coffee shop, Centennial Olympic Park is a 21-acre green space in downtown Atlanta created as a central gathering space when Atlanta hosted the Olympic Games in 1996. Volunteers who help direct the thousands of visitors who come to the park every year, were hosted at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market for an appreciation day. A special thanks to the following Curb Market vendors who helped put on the Breakfast and Scavenger Hunt: Bargain Books, Country Produce, Green City Market, Grindhouse Burgers, Metro Deli & Soul Food, Pocketbook City, Smoothie Blender, Pizza Hut and Sweet Auburn Bakery.

Nema Etheridge, of Cafe Campesino Atlanta, shows off our coffee display at Emory University. Thank you, Nema, for your outstanding efforts to promote fair trade, organic coffees. Another job well done.

April 23: Café Campesino offers a coffee tasting at Emory University! Kudos to Emory for making a fair trade statement with their coffee choice.

April 24: Café Campesino samples coffee at Ten Thousand Villages in Atlanta (1056 Saint Charles Avenue Northeast) in celebration of Earth Day!

April 25: Café Campesino serves coffee at Sevananda Natural Foods’ Spring Member Gathering held at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center in Atlanta.

Cafe Campesino Americus Our friends at Koinonia Farm, located just outside of Americus, have asked us to help with the call for tutors for the Koinonia Home School – Volunteer tutors needed!! Koinonia’s Home School Cooperative is looking for full-time tutors for next year. These special volunteers will have the ultimate assignment: get to know our kids, have fun with them and make sure they learn something new every day! Of course, there’s a little more to it than that… For a job description and more information, contact the home school coordinator at View the job description here.

And speaking of Koinonia, we had a large, fun group of visitors stop by the coffee house during their stay at K Farm. Fifty or so students and chaperones from St. Thomas Aquinas High School (Overland Park, KS) came by for a fair trade coffee tour and refreshments. It was a blast! We love it when an energetic and eager group drops in. And we’re always glad to give a tour of our roasting facility and answer questions about fair trade. Stop in sometime and see for yourself.

The group from Saint Thomas Aquinas High School in Overland Park, Kansas

April 16-18 – BRAG Spring Tune-up (see Feature Article) – Once again, our traveling coffee event guru, Geoffrey, will be serving up a favorite, BRAG Brew, along with iced mochas to the thirsty riders at this three day event. Ride on!

every Monday – What a way to start the work week! Our neighbors from Taqueria Michoacan stop by every Monday and set up their traveling restaurant to serve some of their wonderful, delicious food – quesadillas, tortas, and tacos with fresh avocado, pico de gallo, homemade hot sauce and more. (The staff here at Cafe Campesino Americus is now petitioning for a siesta on Monday afternoons.)

A much anticipated event – This Saturday, April 10th, our head barista Joe and his bride-to-be Becky are “gettin’ hitched”. Several of us are headed to North Georgia for their outdoor wedding at Cloudland Canyon State Park. Blessings to them on this big day. Look for a recap of the big day in next month’s newsletter.

Sweetwater Organic Coffee – Gainesville, FL Recently, Tina traveled to Americus for a day of roasting and barista training. You see, we’re always looking to deepen our staff’s knowledge and skill sets and cross-training allows for that. It also makes for an interesting job experience. Tina is a quick learner and we enjoyed having her here for the day.

March 12-14 – Amanda, Leathem, Tina, and Isha of Sweetwater traveled to the St. Johns Fairgrounds in St. Augustine, Florida to show their support for the Harvest of Hope Fest. Braving the wind and rain, we managed to raise over $250 in donations for the Harvest of Hope Foundation which helps migrant farm workers and their families.

On March 20th, Sweetwater was represented at the Kitchen Incubator fundraiser at 301-24 Coffee House & Art Gallery in Waldo, Florida as part of the Local Food Roadshow sponsored by Hogtown Homegrown. There were plenty of samples of very tasty food that went quite well with a cup of Sweetwater coffee.

The last week of March was a busy one and on that Saturday, our roaster, Jim, brewed up some hot, delicious coffee for the Barrels of Hope Project – a Haiti relief project with an aim to provide rain barrels filled with supplies to begin rebuilding permanent structures for the earthquake victims in Haiti.

Sweetwater’s dynamic Customer Service team, Amanda and Leathem (aka mom and son) By the way, Leathem has been working at Sweetwater ever since he was a kid.

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