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Written by Cafe Campesino on Jul 1, 2005 in Community Caravan, NEWSLETTER |

Well, the first annual Paddle Georgia was a resounding success! Thanks to Geoffrey, the folks at Paddle Georgia and the Paddle Georgia paddlers who made this novel event so worthwhile. According to Geoffrey, the Paddle Georgia crowd was not only a pleasure to serve but also extremely engaged and engaging! We look forward to next year’s Paddle Georgia and strongly recommend that anyone who didn’t make it this year sign up for next year’s event. We’ll see you there!

During the weekend of August 12-14, Lee and Tripp will journey to Highlands, North Carolina, home of one of our favorite coffee house customers Bucks Coffee Café, to talk fair trade and sample our coffee to Highlands’ busy community. This “Fair Trade weekend” was the idea of Highlands resident and Café Campesino friend Breta Stroud, who has taken it upon herself to help us spread the word…thanks Breta!

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