Customer Spotlight: Buck’s Coffee Cafe

Written by Cafe Campesino on Aug 4, 2009 in Customer Spotlight, NEWSLETTER |

Buck’s Coffee Cafe

Located in Cashiers, NC (about 10 miles NE of the original Buck’s Coffee Cafe in Highlands, NC), is a coffee house that knows how to treat the locals as well as those just passing through. You see, this small town within a picturesque setting is a popular destination for travelers seeking the beauty that is the mountains of Western North Carolina.

On multiple occasions now, we’ve heard from coffee drinkers who discovered Café Campesino coffee when they stopped into one of the Buck’s locations for a coffee break. Obviously, a good thing. And as far as serving the wants of the local community, co-owner Linda Clark tells us, “Many of our customers know us from our Highlands location. Buck’s Coffee Cafe in Highlands has for nine years been the gathering spot for friends, business associates, church and community organizations. Cashiers needed such a place too. We hear everyday from customers who live in Cashiers that are so happy to have a Buck’s Coffee Cafe in their own town. Our interior was designed to encourage lingering. Designed to make people feel at home and be a special place at the same time. Our mission at Cashiers is the same as in Highlands: To make and serve great coffee and high quality food and provide a gathering spot for the community. We proudly serve Café Campesino coffee because our customers love it.”

From the crew at Café Campesino as well as our producer partners around the coffee-growing world, we send a hearty “thank you” to Linda and Tommy Clark, their business partner Steve Clark (no relation), and all of the employees at both Buck’s Coffee Cafe locations. Cheers to you and to your support of local community as well as your support of fair trade, organic, shade grown coffee!

Misty Hamm (left) and Tanya Ferrin smile for the camera. As for the guy on the wall, might that be "Buck"?

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