Customer Spotlight: Destiny Produce

Written by Cafe Campesino on Mar 5, 2009 in Customer Spotlight, NEWSLETTER |

Destiny Produce of Atlanta, GA

Move over typical food service distributors… there’s a new kid on the block.  Destiny Produce, founded in 2001 and located at the State Farmer’s Market in Atlanta, is dedicated to bringing the freshest, tastiest, organic meat, dairy, produce and, now, coffee to customers throughout the southeast.  With a squarely focused mission to support organics, sustainability, and fair market prices for producers, they are bridging a gap in the all-too-often world of much-too-corporate, genetically modified, “sweatshop” foods and beverages.  As an example of their dedication, their sustainability practices extend far beyond buying and selling organic products.  In addition to an aggressive recycling program for all the boxes, pallets, and plastic they encounter in their day-to-day is a bold commitment to powering their fleet of trucks with “bio-diesel,” made from 20% pure chicken fat from Georgia!

Their founder and president, Dee Dee Digby, says, “We are so excited about our alliance with Cafe Campesino coffee. Destiny Produce has always supported small, organic farms, and we’ve built our reputation on those relationships. Coffee is a staple item, making organic agriculture vitally important to farmers in the coffee-growing regions. Destiny Produce is proud to be working with a Georgia company–Cafe Campesino–to develop a broader market for their excellent organic, fair-trade coffee throughout the Southeast.”

Tripp Pomeroy, president of Café Campesino, says, “When I visited with Dee Dee and her staff to share our story with them, I was deeply impressed with their level of commitment to fair trade and Cafe Campesino’s work in the movement. Not only do they place the highest value on organics and sustainability in their business model but they are also genuinely concerned about the quality of life of the producers whose foods they distribute; from the coffee farmer in Colombia or Ethiopia to the fair trade roaster in Americus, GA.  Thanks to Destiny Produce, food distribution throughout the Southeast just made a great stride forward… we feel fortunate to be part of their growing network.”

Cafe Campesino embraces their approach and happily and humbly partners with a company whose efforts were recently honored with the Clayton County Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business of the Year Award.  Congratulations, Destiny Produce!  Job well done


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