Customer Spotlight: Jenny Jack Sun Farm

Written by Cafe Campesino on Aug 6, 2010 in Customer Spotlight, NEWSLETTER |

Introduced to Cafe Campesino by their farming mentor, Skip Glover of Douglasville, GA, Jenny and Chris Jackson (above) began selling fair trade, organic, shade grown coffee at the farm stand of their livelihood, Jenny Jack Sun Farm, in Pine Mountain, GA, in 2008.

Growers of produce that is chemical fertilizer and pesticide free, Jenny and Chris believe in doing what is right for the land as well as for the folks that eat the food they grow.  And they experience first hand how labor intensive a farmer’s life can be.  According to Jenny, “Our customers really appreciate having access to such a high quality, fresh, organic coffee when they come by to get their fruits and vegetables. Since learning about how important it is to support fair trade, we only buy Cafe Campesino and often give it as a gift to folks we know appreciate good coffee!”

“I got a chance to visit the coffee house in Americus a couple of years ago, just after we started carrying Cafe Campesino coffee at our farm stand. Tripp was so kind as to give my friend and I a tour of the roastery,” she tells us.  Jenny and Chris are quite the hospitable hosts as well.  From school field trip tours and dinners at the farm for guests to CSA memberships and farmers markets for customers, they love what they do and it shows!

Cafe Campesino supports local, sustainable, healthy foods.  We’re glad to know Jenny and Chris and wish them many a bountiful harvest.  Note:  GPB’s Georgia Traveler “discovered” Cafe Campesino when host David Zelski picked up a bag of organic coffee at their farm stand.  As he read the package, he realized that a fair trade coffee company was just down the road.  Read about GPB’s visit.

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