Customer Spotlight: Nature’s Garden Delivered

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Nature’s Garden Delivered brings local organic produce (and coffee) to Atlanta Neighborhoods and surrounding areas through its automated web based service. Produce boxes are delivered Tuesday through Thursday and the contents change each week depending on what’s in season. Through the support of local farmers, the produce is usually days from harvest. The service can be customized through an online preferences feature. In addition, members can make substitutions to their boxes each week ensuring they always get what they want.

Co-founders Michael Kirk and Scott Frishman teamed up after meeting at Auburn University back in the 90’s. Their vision: to build a fun company that focused on something progressive within the community. After having worked for a small organic produce company in Colorado they came to Atlanta and founded Nature’s Garden Delivered.

“We are a web based farmer’s market operating year-round here in Georgia. Our service is a new outlet for the distribution of local food in a technologically advanced era. Local organic farmers and vendors enjoy the ability to sell their products without the limitations associated with the conventional farmers market. So much of our health is ultimately decided by what we eat. We think convenience plays a major part in everyone’s purchasing decisions. Our goal is to enable people to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. By making quality organic produce available through our delivery service, we feel that we are offering a great convenience. By increasing the health of the environment we are ensuring the health of the community and ultimately the health of all living things.”

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