Customer Spotlight: Rainbow Natural Grocery

Written by Cafe Campesino on Sep 1, 2005 in Customer Spotlight, NEWSLETTER |

Café Campesino is thrilled to introduce you to one of our newer customers: Rainbow Natural Grocery. In the short time that we have known each other, the folks at Rainbow have demonstrated an inspiring, genuine commitment to Café Campesino and our work as a fair trade coffee company. Located in Jackson, Mississippi, Rainbow Natural Grocery is a non-profit cooperative grocery owned and operated by its members. Formed in 1980 from a handful of citizens in a whole foods buying club, it has grown to over 200,000 members and continues to see tremendous growth as our city moves toward healthier lifestyles and eating habits.

The Rainbow strives to remain active in its community through education, fundraising, and participation in addition to offering locally farmed produce and honey, organic grocery, supplements, hygiene, and choice fair trade, shade grown coffees. The Rainbow has spawned the world’s first Computer Co-op as well as state’s first vegetarian and vegan restaurant which also prepares school lunches for the local Montessori School. They are presently involved in efforts to place playground equipment in a local park, riding in the National Multiple Sclerosis Bike Tour, sitting on discussion panels at local colleges, and a host of other activities. If you find yourself in Jackson, be sure to stop by The Rainbow at 2807 Old Canton Road. Their telephone number is 601-366-1602.

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