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Written by Cafe Campesino on Oct 1, 2005 in Customer Spotlight, NEWSLETTER |

Sobornost for the World Foundation’s
World Village Fair Trade Market

Café Campesino is delighted to feature our friends at Sobornost for the World Foundation, Inc. and their World Village Fair Trade Market in this month’s edition of Fair Grounds. For more than a year now, they have been steadfast supporters of Café Campesino.

The members of Sobornost for the World Foundation “aspire to promote justice, love and peace in a world scarred by inequality and injustice” and “strive to bring into our communities an awareness of the exploitation of our poor sisters and brothers in developing countries and to promote understanding of involvement in Fair Trade.” Further, they “seek to extend aid to impoverished orphans and families, so each person can live in dignity, beginning in sub-Saharan Africa.”

In addition to helping AIDS orphans in Kenya and Zambia with programs that provide financial support for their food, housing, education, and school supplies, Sobornost for the World works to foster dignity, solidarity, and subsidiarity towards Africa, as well as other developing nations through information, public advocacy, monetary aid and Fair Trade. In 2003, Sobornost opened the World Village Fair Trade Market, Long Island’s first Fair Trade store, which sells Fair Trade products from over 20 developing countries.

What makes the World Village Fair Trade Market so special though is the genuine dedication of its volunteer staff to “peace, justice and equality for the people of developing nations by becoming a bridge for these nations while operating in America, and cultivating projects that enhance communication, trade and friendship.” They work tirelessly to promote Fair Trade crafts and bring greater awareness to their customers, local communities and churches of Fair Trade and what can be achieved on a personal level by buying Fair Trade goods, contacting government officials, and joining national and international campaigns.

To learn more about Sobornost for the World Foundation and their World Village Fair Trade Market, visit or call (631) 728-7880.

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