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Written by Cafe Campesino on Sep 1, 2005 in Fair Trade Friends, NEWSLETTER |

Although A Different Approach is primarily a wholesale Fair Trade business, Café Campesino feels strongly that when our partners in the Fair Trade movement, whether here or overseas, are going through difficult times, we make an extra effort to support them. A Different Approach is one such domestic fair trade partner whose operations are based in New Orleans and who, as a result of Hurricane Katrina, has been forced to relocate until its community in New Orleans is reopened.

A Different Approach is a Fair Trade wholesaler of Nicaraguan crafts. However, as an individual, you can visit their website at www.adifferentapproach.com where you can learn more about and view photos of their truly beautiful Nicaraguan crafts as well as request a list of stores near you that carry them. (Three Frontiers Trading Company, a sister company of Café Campesino, proudly carries crafts from A Different Approach – to order, please visit us at www.threefrontiers.com.)

A Different Approach began working with the artisans in Nicaraguan six years ago after spending a bit of time in Central America. Nicaragua has many exceptional artisans including potters, sculptors, painters and weavers. However, most of these artisans do not have adequate access to markets to provide a decent living for themselves and their families. The number of tourists who visit Nicaragua is low compared to its neighbors, and Nicaragua has not yet developed its international craft market to the level of other Latin American nations. A Different Approach decided to help in the expansion of their markets by becoming one outlet dedicated to bringing these beautiful Nicaraguan crafts to the American public.

A Different Approach will return to its warehouse and will be back up and running as soon as possible and they anticipate ramping backup to full speed during October. In the meantime, A Different Approach can be contacted at by telephone at 318.869.4202…we hope that Fair Grounds readers will do what they can to support our friends at A Different Approach.

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