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Farmer’s Organic


Recently, Tripp had the pleasure of meeting Greg Parrish and Chad Heard from Farmer’s Organic, the makers of a wonderful organic soil conditioner. They broke bread together and had good conversation about organics and farming. Tripp says it reminded him very much of sitting down with coffee farmers in their kitchens and sharing a meal as well as exchanging knowledge and desire to produce better crops and products. All in the search for a sustainable way of life.

Greg and Chad recently visited Café Campesino and here’s a little of their company’s story:

Farmer’s Organic, based in Newton, GA, is a small, family run operation with less than a dozen employees, many of which are cross-trained in several different areas, from raising the chickens that produce the manure all the way to bagging the conditioner for retail sale. Their focus is on creating a firm foundation with customers built on honesty, integrity, and friendship.

The concept of Farmer’s Organic began years ago and the compost itself has been in the works for four years. It’s a mixture of cotton gin residuals and chicken manure and the 2009 season has been the first big push to get the product to market. Thanks to the good work of Chad and Greg, it is now available at nearly 100 “mom and pop” retailers as well as at our café. (Don’t worry, local coffee lovers – the compost is odor-free.)

A few highlights of their ‘good for the earth’ product (besides being odor-free!):

It’s also free of weeds and harmful pathogens.

It is a slow release conditioner and works well with any plant one can imagine.

And it supplies your soil with a variety of macro and micro nutrients.

Basically, it builds up your soil rather than breaking it down like the harsh, chemically-derived fertilizers.

And for those of you who want to try a homeade, healthier version of Miracle Gro, here’s a ‘compost tea’ recipe Greg shared with us the other day when he dropped off a several bags of their product:

Fill (or nearly fill) a five gallon bucket with water. Add 6 dry quarts of Farmer’s Organic Premium Soil Conditioner and 1 ½ ounces of molasses. Stir and use. If you don’t use it all right away, add a little more molasses every two to three days and stir.

Wow, that’s easy. Thanks, Greg. Best to you and the Farmer’s Organic family as you build your business. Kudos for bringing healthier options to the marketplace.

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