Fair Trade Friends: Mount de Sales Academy

Written by Cafe Campesino on Nov 5, 2009 in Fair Trade Friends, NEWSLETTER |
Mount de Sales Academy

Last week we had the special privilege of hosting more than 50 juniors from Mount de Sales Academy (Macon, GA) who were here to learn about fair trade and tour our roastery.

This well informed, curious group of high schoolers is taking a Social Justice class as a part of the 11th grade curriculum atMount de Sales, an independent Catholic preparatory school.  The class is meant to foster empathy and compassion, enable students to critically examine society and encourage them to imagine ways to work toward justice and peace.

Tripp, their host and tour guide, offered a background of Café Campesino and an overview of fair trade that covered issues of supply and demand, ethics, international commerce and the importance of organic farming.  He then fielded tough questions like, “How do you know what a fair price for coffee is?”, “How big is a 40,000 pound container?” and “Is Starbucks coffee fair trade?”

Students then donned hairnets to take their fair trade knowledge into the roastery where they heard 45 pounds of heated coffee beans crack and pop as the beans released natural oils during the roasting process.  They also saw the bagging system where Maty de Barrios, our production manager, will manage up to 1,000 pounds of coffee a day during the busy holiday season.

The students’ enthusiasm during the tour, their thoughtful questions, and their willingness to wear (incredibly cool) hairnets for nearly 10 minutes made their visit a real treat for us.  We look forward to hosting a second group of Mount de Sales juniors in the winter.  Thanks for coming!

From Left: The group listens as Tripp talks about Fair Trade;
those hairnets really ARE cool

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