Fair Trade Friends: No Sweat Apparel

Written by Cafe Campesino on Dec 1, 2005 in Fair Trade Friends, NEWSLETTER |

Bienestar International manufactures union-made footwear & casual clothing under the brand name No Sweat™. Their gear is produced by independent trade union members in the United States, Canada and the developing world. Our friends at Bienestar believe that the only viable response to globalization is a global labor movement.

No Sweat defines the market for goods that support independent trade unions — a historically proven solution to sweatshops. They provide a competitive product to you and a living wage to their workers. How? By not advertising. They market direct to consumers, relying primarily on Internet sales for distribution. No Sweat counts on all of us to help them spread the word!

No Sweat is offering Café Campesino customers a special discount. Just enter coupon code CAMPESINO at check out and get $5.00 off of your order. To shop or learn more about No Sweat, visit www.nosweatshop.com or call 1-877-992-7827.

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