Great First Day in La Paz… Heading Out to Caranavi.

Written by Cafe Campesino on May 27, 2011 in POSTS FROM THE FIELD |

Just a quick check-in… we had a very good meeting yesterday with several members of Fecafeb’s board of directors (recently elected in March) and the new commercialization manager, Elias Chocnapi. Lots of good energy and strategic thinking on their part – we’re fortunate to have the opportunity to spend quality time with them over the next week. Yesterday, we talked in their office in El Alto (felt like their office was on the 50th floor because of the altitude – it’s actually only on the 3rd). We met for three and a half hours, learning about developments in their organization, conditions and prices in the local market, plans for the future, their individual and collective takes on Fair Trade, and a number of other issues. Yields are high this year but so are prices in the local market, which is presenting a real challenge for our trading partners here, as they are throughout the coffee lands. We have many things to study, learn, and assess as we head out into the field.

This morning we will head back up to their office in El Alto and meet with the folks from Pasybol – a small coop that is part of Fecafeb. We bought some of their great coffee in years past and are hoping to learn more about their current status and production capacity, among other things.

After our meeting we’ll head down (four hours or so) to Caranavi where we will spend the next few days meeting with our other coffee producers there and meeting with the rest of the Fecafeb board. From Caranavi, we’ll head out another three hours or so to Canton Calama where we will meet with more of the folks who produce our Bolivian coffee.

I’ll check in when we’re back to internet access… though can’t say I’m in a rush to get back to it – La Paz has been great and the people even better.

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