Guatemala Bound!: Pre-Departure Q&A 2013

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Our guys are off to Guatemala this week.  Geoffrey, Bill, Dave, David Minich and Mike of the Sweetwater and Cafe Campesino crew are headed out, as well as our customers Ronnie from the Sentient Bean in Savannah and Richard from Earth Natural Foods in Norman, Oklahoma.  Plus, a few folks from Americus- Sissy Dudley Ledbetter will be there exploring the coffeelands and hanging out a little longer to visit yoga retreats along Lake Atitlan (hopefully she’ll be rallying the troops state-side to join her on future trips!) and photographer extraordinaire Scott Umstattd and his documentarienne wife Faith Fuller will be rounding out the Americus contingent.  FTW looks forward to some fantastic photos, (hopefully some wonderful videos) and some even better stories of this 2013 coffeelands travel trip.  Here’s what some of our travelers have to say pre-departure:

Geoffrey, Fagh_beforeguate2013 [320x200]irShot Coffee
Everywhere, USA

FTW: What are you anticipating about this trip?
GH: I’m trying not to have too many anticipations.  As this is my second coffee trip, I especially look forward to meeting farmers and their families and learning more about the entire process, so I can share it with my customers at music festivals and events.
FTW: How might you share your story at music festivals, and where is your next one, by the way?
GH:  Stories, specifics, pictures, so I can help my customers understand what goes into growing a fine coffee.  We’ll be at Aura Music Festival at the Spirit of the Suwanee Music Park in February.


dc_beforeguate2013 [320x200]Dave Campbell, customer service, order processing & purchasing, Cafe Campesino
Americus, Ga.

FTW: What are you most looking forward to about your upcoming trip to Guatemala?
DC: “Volcanoes & tequila.”  [insert a good laugh and a pause that involved DC shuttling orders to our production crew.]  “I’m looking forward to seeing Miguel [Mateo] and Miguel [Tzoy] again- folks that I’ve met here in Americus that I’m going to get to see again at their homes.  I remember Miguel Tzoy [commercial coordinator at the Chajul cooperative in El Quiche]  inviting me to have a meal with his family (after he had a meal with mine in Americus when he visited in 2009).  I didn’t expect necessarily for that to come true, but now I’m thinking it might.  Also Miguel Mateo [of Manos Campesinas]-  I went with he and Tripp to Gainesville to see Sweetwater and University of Florida, and we were roomies along the trip!  It will be fun to see him again.
FTWYou’ve been eating a plant-based diet for about a year now. (and lost nearly 40lbs doing it!)   Are you going to eat meat on this trip?
DC:  If they’re willing to kill a chicken for me while I’m there, I’m willing to eat a little sopa de pollo.


mike2Mike Weaver, Production Manager, Sweetwater Organic Coffee
Gainesville, Fla.

FTW:  Mike… tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m a Sagittarius…I like long walks on the beach and cold nights by the fire with a nice pinot noir. Last book read, The Godfather
FTW:  What are you  looking forward to about this trip?
I’m looking forward to learning the ins and outs of the production of our wonderful product and to establish long-term bonds to help tell the story of our crop-to-cup family we call our co-op.


billHarrisBill Harris, Jr., fearless leader for all of the above + CFO, Cooperative Coffees
Americus, Ga.

FTW:  What are you most excited about?
Traveling with such a great group of Cafe Campesino and Sweetwater Organic Coffees friends and supporters.  Everyone is obviously eager to learn more about the people and coffee of Guatemala.
FTW:  What are you most nervous about?
Nervous? Why worry?   Does no good 🙂



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