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Jack Harris- mellow soul, good dog.


“Doggie lama,” “quiet,” “contemplative,” “mellow,” scared of thunderstorms, lover of pain-killers- a few descriptors for Jack, a good ole’ dog, who will be missed and remembered for many dogs to come. A few people who have spent some time with Jack over the years share some of their favorite memories or thoughts below. Additional stories are always welcome in the comments section.

Marysol Pomeroy
There are many stories that I remember about Jack, but my favorite is when we celebrated Tripp’s birthday at the cabin. Jack was always a very mellow dog. That day, he was so calm, just sitting next to the cabin. His front feet were crossed and he was watching us as we grilled out and talked. We were preparing all of this meat that I had purchased for Tripp’s birthday … delicious steaks and sausages… kind of prepared latin-style and grilled by our friend who was visiting from Argentina. Our friend was flipping steaks and talking with us, when one dropped to the ground by accident. Within a second, Jack had flung himself on top of the steak, – jumping 5-6 feet in one movement- swallowed it whole, and was back to his mellow seated dog position before we knew what had happened. It was so funny! He seemed to be so relaxed and calm, but he was ready to move in an instant! He had swallowed the steak before anyone could reach down to even pick it up.  Quiet but wise.  We will miss Jack.

Abby Trantham
I have many memories of Jack Harris. He was a sweet, loyal, mellow canine that will be missed dearly. He always loved when he got a hair cut…he said it made him feel like a new man (definitely made him smell better). Although he wasn’t much of a social butterfly he always threw great birthday parties and never expected a present. Maggie was one of his best buddies and they used to hang out a lot. I was convinced that when Jack tried to overdose it had something to do with that Maggie girl he was so fond of. Everyone knew that Jack was afraid of bad weather but no one made fun of him for this trait. (I could always relate.) It was rather cute and I always knew when Bill would have to make a ‘special’ trip home to rescue Jack. Years back, Jack would frequent our office regularly and leave behind his hair as a memento. And there was that one trip down to St. Simons Island when Jack waited patiently on us to return from Murphy’s Tavern. He was always up for any adventure and loved life. Rest in peace Jack.

Dave Campbell
I brought the beer. Jack brought the pills. The rest is history.

Nema Etheridge
I didn’t know Jack long enough to have a lot of stories about him, but in the few months that I did know him, I developed some favorite things about him. 1- I loved that every time you let him out Bill’s front door to go to the bathroom, he trotted directly to Clay’s (the neighbor’s) yard and pooped. 2- I also loved that he danced around in circles as did it. I guess he did this, because he had trouble squatting, but it kind of looked like he was celebrating/dancing-a-jig as soiled someone else’s  yard. 3- I also loved that when you let him out in the early evenings, before the sun had set, he would come back from Clay’s and sit in Bill’s front yard near the rosemary bush to enjoy a quiet, seemingly reflective moment in the setting sun. He would soak up the last few hours of daylight and calmly survey the neighborhood. Who knows what he was thinking- if anything at all. But it always seemed like he was enjoying the moment and doing a quiet mediation on life. Sweet, quiet, wise Jack.  He will be missed.

Chelsea Carter
I always thought that Jack was never as social as Bill wanted him to be.  He always seemed to hide under the table at his own birthday parties.

Tripp Pomeroy
My favorite story about Jack- I knew that if we ever got a thunder-and-lightning storm and Bill called looking for Jack, I knew that Jack was coming over to play. And Jack was always welcome. We were his “safe place” in bad weather.

Sheila Crowley
Jack was not afraid of much; he would cross busy streets by himself, take himself on walks throughout the neighborhood- many a day I would hear a noise outside only to find Jack sitting on my front porch- but he was a bit neurotic about thunderstorms. He transferred this particular neurosis to my dog, Maggie and whenever it stormed, which it did quite a bit in Americus if the two of them were together they would get into some kind of trouble. More than a few times, while watching Jack I would wake up to find him standing on my chest, panting heavily and shaking- Bill never believed that Jack could jump like that until it happened to him. Other times I would wake up and see four eyes peering out of my closet- he and Maggie would seek refuge in or under anything. I soon discovered their favorite place to hide when I came home one day after a big storm to check on them. They were suprisingly calm and nothing seemed amiss, until the next morning when I went to take a shower and I pulled back the shower curtain and saw that the tub was covered in mud, it took me a second to put it together and realize that what I was seeing were dog prints and that is where Jack and Maggie had hid out during the storm-these two very smart dogs finally figured out the safest place in the house.

Jack was my first dog love, and a big part of the reason I finally got Maggie. He was a good soul, with a great smile, incredibly loyal and sweet. He made me laugh and he will be missed.

Rebecca Young
Jack as an interesting character and will be sorely missed.  It’s hard to sum up just how awesome he was in a few words.

I had the pleasure of dog sitting many times.  He was buddies with my dog, Nina.  Jack loved Nina so much that sometimes he felt the need to get so close to her that they were touching… while they pooped.  Synchronized pooping at its best!  Jack was really sweet and a good snuggler.  And he never failed to bring all kinds of debris into the house that had attached itself to his tail as he walked around the yard.

One of my favorite memories of Jack is when I went home on my lunch break to let the dogs out.  I lived next door to a daycare, and the kids had gotten to know and love my dogs.  They loved to pet them through the fence and watch them play.  Well, the first time they saw Jack, one of the kids pointed at him as he stumbled towards them and asked, bewildered, “What is THAT?!?!”  My reply was simple…”That’s Jack.”  Jack was never really fond of kids, so I was surprised to see him approach them.  I guess he was following Nina’s lead.  One little girl reached through the fence to pet Jack and then she let out a loud squeal, which scared me because I thought, “Oh crap, he bit her.  We’re gonna be in big trouble.”  But then to my relief, she started giggling.  She had squealed with pure delight at being able to pet him… and he let her.

When it was time for Jack to go home, sometimes I would take him with me to Café Campesino so that Bill could pick him up there.  There were a couple of times when Jack would stop in the road to decide whose car he wanted to get in, mine or Bill’s.  Of course Bill always won, but I secretly loved that he actually had to think about it for a few seconds.

Geoffrey Hennies
Jack was the cleverest dog I have ever met. I always felt he knew to just what degree he could work a situation. I remember that the first time I house sat, I let Jack out back. When he came back in, I thought I should give him one of these here treats. The whole rest of the stay, Jack would give me a look of “Can I go outside please?” and a few minutes later when I would let him in he would have the “Treat please!” look. Of course as Bill was out of town I felt I should spoil him. Eventually I realized that all he was doing outside was sitting on the stoop waiting for my return. I sure will miss that wise old man face of his.

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