Introduction: A New Year, An Even Better Newsletter

Written by Cafe Campesino on Feb 1, 2006 in Introduction, NEWSLETTER |

OK, so by now you’ve probably noticed that there was no Fair Grounds newsletter in January. No, we didn’t forget about it. Instead, we’ve been working on improving the newsletter content and delivery. On the content end, you’ll find a couple of new features. One is a new column (the first of several) called Call to Action, in which we spotlight businesses that are “walking the walk” not just “talking the talk.” The other is a perky sidebar called Stimulating Coffee Fact o’ the Month. This will be a place to find interesting facts about coffee — either of an agricultural, scientific, or social (political) nature. And give our new contest a try…After three years of coffee trivia contests, the trivia samovar has run dry so we felt it was time for something new. Now we’d like you to Show Your Café Campesino Pride. Send us a photo of you with your favorite Café Campesino brew. Write us a love letter (it doesn’t have to be long). Compose a coffee poem or haiku (we particularly like the haiku idea). Be creative! Every month, we’ll pick one entrant at random to win a pound of their favorite Café Campesino coffee.

From a delivery standpoint, we’re now sending the Café Campesino newsletter out at the beginning of each month, rather than in the middle. This should alleviate any confusion about how long the monthly newsletter special or contest lasts, and allow us to better manage our own internal operations.

So, with that said, welcome to Fair Grounds, 2006 style. We hope you like it.

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