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Happy April, friends of Cafe Campesino!  This month is off to a fast and furious start, as this edition of Fair Grounds will illustrate.  Where to begin, where to begin… ok, for starters, Bill has put on his renovation foreman’s hat and is directing the beautification of Cafe Campesino.  What does this mean?  It means a dog run along the east side of the roastery, landscaped garden beds, a deck for coffee house customers on the west side, and a modest facelift for our special little Quonset hut here at 725 Spring Street.  These pretty-fications, besides being sorely needed and long overdue, are also being done in preparation for a celebration marking the 10th year of Cooperative Coffees (yup… ten years!).  On April 20th about 60 folks – fellow members of Cooperative Coffees and our producer partners from around the world – are traveling to Americus after the SCAA event in Atlanta to celebrate our coop’s anniversary, toast our producer partners, and roast a pig (free range… at least at the time of this writing:( ), among other things.  Be sure to read Tripp’s article about what this celebration means.  Also in this Fair Grounds are our usual Community Caravan, replete with events past, present, and future, a unique french-press coffee special (including coffees from Mexico and Guatemala, where we first established fair trade ties to producers ten years ago), a customer spotlight celebration and a tasty coffee house recipe from our very own ‘Java Joe’ Johnston.  In this issue we also spotlight our trading partners at ACOES in El Salvador.  This small group of underdog fair traders continues to face a number of serious challenges.  We want readers to reacquaint themselves with our friends there because we are about to launch a fundraising campaign to garner financial support for equipment and infrastructure they desperately need.  So, grab the closest cup of Cafe Campesino java (even if it’s not yours) and read on!

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