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Welcome to the August 2009 edition of Fair Grounds. It may be hot outside but we’ve got some cool news, notes, recipes, and profiles inside this issue. So don’t sweat it. Pour yourself one or two of your favorite coffee drinks, be they hot or cold, and join us in this month’s newsletter.

Among the things you’ll find in this Fair Grounds, we’ve got Sumatran coffee at a special price, a refreshing cold coffee drink from our cafe crew, and a chance to visit with a customer that we just couldn’t “pass” up. And what edition of Fair Grounds would be complete without a Producer Profile? This month we are proud to feature our friends and partners at Santa Anita in Guatemala. Their story is inspiring and we encourage you to take some time to read the latest news from this committed group of coffee farmers. We’ll be hearing more from them in the future as they continue the improvements that will sustain the growth we have already seen in their community.

This month’s Community Caravan is chock full of events and happenings. And there are some more (hopefully interesting) notes about coffee as well as the ever-present (hopefully inspiring) quote. We’ve also included some recent feedback we received. Thanks much for the encouragement.

And, oh yeah, how about Tyler’s latte art?  Told you we had some cool stuff in this issue.  Read on!

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