Introduction: Autumnal Creations at Cafe Campesino

Written by Cafe Campesino on Oct 5, 2008 in Introduction, NEWSLETTER |

October brings that initial spice of autumn, with changing colors, football games, extended hikes, and, of course… chocolate! Yes, this month, we profile some of the most seductive chocolate you will ever taste, in our new Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Bean Bark, the consummate companion to Café Campesino coffee (Hint: see recipe of the month!) In this edition of Fair Grounds we are also proud to release our unique Election Blends, offering you the chance to cast a “vote” for the U.S. presidential candidate of your choice when you order one of our two October Specials of the Month. Our feature story celebrates Cooperative Coffees, spearheaded by our own Bill Harris, and their focus on relationship-building. And don’t skip Community Caravan, where Tripp discusses a slew of local happenings. There’s lots going on at the coffee house too, so be sure to check out Joe’s Blog for special in-house deals.

Exercise your right to vote for Fair Trade!

Love and Beans,
Jimmy Foglio

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