Introduction: Caring for Planet Earth

Written by Cafe Campesino on Apr 1, 2003 in Introduction, NEWSLETTER |

Spring is finally here…the grass is green, the days are warming up, and it’s time for the annual observances of Earth Day. It’s great to see the landscape splashed with color again, smell the blooming flowers, go out for a bike ride – just enjoy the pleasures of Mother Nature. And that includes coffee! As we experience April showers, our fair trade partners in the coffee lands look forward to the spring and summer rains that will nurture their crops and help make their next harvest a good one. Their careful stewardship of the land (and our support of their efforts) ensures the survival of both their families and of a way of life.

In this month’s Fair Grounds, we explore Ethiopia, where the farmers continue a proud coffee-growing tradition despite a tumultuous climate (both politically and environmentally). We also have some Earth Day suggestions (courtesy of Global Exchange), a customer spotlight, an update on our whereabouts, a new recipe, an intriguing Fair Trade Fact…and more. Grab a cup of Café Campesino coffee and read on!

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