Introduction: Catching Our Breath and Moving Onward

Written by Cafe Campesino on Jul 1, 2007 in Introduction, NEWSLETTER |

Well, we’re finally slowing down a bit to recharge our batteries after what has been a nutty, nutty past several months. Good thing we’re chilling out a bit too, as Georgia’s typically sweltering summer has set in, along with a bit of a drought that has everyone here downright parched!

First and foremost, we are thrilled to announce the marriage of our favorite roastmaster Lee Harris! On June 16th, Lee, Hayley Champion (now Hayley Harris) and her two adorable little girls tied the knot… from single, artisan roaster to family man in one fell swoop! Congratulations Lee and welcome to our big, caffeinated family Hayley, Hollings, and Ellie!!!

Of course, this changes a few things here at the roastery. While Lee remains our trusty roastmaster, he has turned over the day-to-day production responsibilities to our very own Maty de Barrios, who is doing a truly outstanding job… congrats Maty!

We’re also happy to announce two new additions to the Café Campesino team: Chelsea Carter, who hasn’t missed a beat taking over writing our newsletter and taking on a veritable plethora of other writing, marketing and customer service projects, and Maty’s brother Marco, who has proven himself to be a production assistant dynamo. Welcome aboard Chelsea and Marco!

Before we launch into this edition of Fair Grounds, we want to extend a hearty thanks to our friends at BRAG and Paddle Georgia for their support once again this year, along with our wonderful BRAG and Paddle Georgia crews who pulled off both events in fine, fine form.

OK, so what’s in this edition of Fair Grounds? In Community Caravan, you’ll find a brief wrap up of this year’s BRAG, which included an open house here at the roastery as BRAG riders arrived in Americus 2007, and what we understand was a most excellent Paddle Georgia adventure for Geoffrey and Jonathan. We also welcomed a very special visitor all the way from Colombia who graded our coffees, trained Maty in the art/science of cupping, and pretty much spread happiness wherever she went during her brief visit. We have also been shopping a bit as well, adding a new coffee, a far more sustainable (and fun) travel mug and Stevia natural sweetener to our product line up. So, pour yourself a mug of your favorite Café Campesino brew, ice it down, sit back, read on and enjoy!

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