Introduction: Celebrate Fall with Cafe Campesino

Written by Cafe Campesino on Nov 5, 2008 in Introduction, NEWSLETTER |

In this issue we are energized to introduce at a discounted price the inaugural Café Campesino version of the oldest coffee blend in the world, Mocha Java. We also tear into fall with a Community Caravan that will keep you moving on those crisp nights, and a cozy recipe for those cool mornings. We’re also offering discounts on our highly regarded decaf coffees for our monthly special.

We have had a great response on our Espresso Bean Bark too; if you haven’t tried some yet, you should. Read more about this tantalizing chocolate from a special farmer’s cooperative in Ghana, and then… chop into some bark! We are also pleased to announce that our tallies are in from last month’s Election Blends. Thanks to all of you who placed your orders and voted for Fair Trade. Check out the results! And finally, visit our blog for a peak at the winning entry to our Coffee House T-shirt Design Contest.

Love and Beans,
Jimmy Foglio

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