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Welcome to the final edition of Fair Grounds for 2009. We’re full of thanksgiving for your continuing support of fair trade and we want to wrap up the year by giving a couple of different opportunities to save on the Café Campesino products you buy. We also present you with an opportunity to give some extra support to a trading partner, the Fondo Paez community, who is suffering with a low yield this year. This Colombian cooperative’s story is not unlike so many others who farm for a living. Lots of hard work and dedication in hopes of a fruitful yield that sometimes does not come. Well, we’d like to honor that hard work by helping during this time of shortfall and we’re asking you to join in. Read on for more about this giving opportunity and what Cafe Campesino has done to start the ball rolling.

We’ve also got some great gift ideas for your consideration as well as a tasty treat of a recipe. And our Community Caravan runs down the recent past, present, and future. There’s also a thoughtful quote, some small changes to our coffee lineup, and a ‘heads up’ on shipping deadlines so that you can get your order(s) delivered before the holidays. Glad you’re here. And from the staffs at Café Campesino (Americus, GA), Sweetwater Organic Coffee (Gainesville, FL), and Café Campesino Atlanta (Atlanta, GA), and on behalf of our trading partners around the world, we wish you a happy and healthy December and hope to see you back here in 2010! Blessings.

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