Introduction: Empowering Communities through Fair Trade Relationships

Written by Cafe Campesino on Jul 1, 2008 in Introduction, NEWSLETTER |

In this issue of Fair Grounds, we feature a thought provoking piece on our producer APECAFORM, examining how fair trade and group organization bring this Western Guatemalan mountain community many opportunities on the path towards a sustainable future. We also consider some of the challanges they face and how we can all help in areas such as education.

We also divulge a new way to use our rich, creamy espresso in this edition’s Recipe of the Month as well as offer an enticing newsletter special on our delightful Guatemala Full City Roast. This issue incorporates Tripp’s chronicle of events in Community Caravan, the inauguration of a coffee review blog, and our inspired quote of the month… so pour yourself a steamin’ hot cup of Cafe Campesino and read on.

Love and Beans,

Jimmy Foglio

Also, check out this month’s Editor’s Choice, an examination of the unique relationship between geography, history and flavor in the Indian Himalayas.  On The Darjeeling Train: Tasting the Himalayas in July

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