Introduction: Finding Hope in an Age of Insanity

Written by Cafe Campesino on Jul 1, 2003 in Introduction, NEWSLETTER |

With craziness all over the world — in Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea and Liberia, just to name a few of the international hotspots — we’ve been thinking more and more these days about peace and justice. As Americans, we often take our freedom for granted. But for many people around the world, the struggle for independence is a dominant part of everyday life. The situation in Aceh province in northern Sumatra is a case in point. We explore this Indonesian island in this issue of Fairgrounds, examine its war-torn history, and profile the sustainable coffee program that has brought a measure of economic justice to the Gayo Mountain people of Central Aceh. We’ve also got a Community Caravan update, a customer profile, a Dr. Coffee question, a new trivia challenge and a fantastic recipe for hot summer days. Sit yourself down with a mug of Café Campesino, kick off your shoes, and read on…

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